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Are you excited about moving your office to that desired place with better opportunities? Well, it is a matter of pride that your business has achieved that milestone. Now, the next concern must be conducting safe office move. It is natural to panic when it comes to moving your office. There are a lot of official documents and tasks to be done. It is not easy to move all the gadgets and complex office furniture without the help of experts. In a city like London, business opportunities are massively increasing. This has increased the demand for office removals in London.

It may seem complex, but many professional office removal companies in London will assist you at every step.

We have prepared a list to guide you in your office moving journey. Let’s get started.

1) Prepare a checklist

It is very important to prepare a checklist to sort things out in an efficient manner. Going by a step-by-step checklist ensures minimum disruption during the move. As it is said, planning is the key to a smooth sail. Thus, preparing a checklist is the first wise step for a happy move.

Because of the fast pace of life, it is not easy to conduct a hassle free office relocation in a city like London. To relieve you of the stress of how to prepare an efficient checklist, we have sorted a checklist for you.

Just as you bake a cake in 3 stages, there are 3 stages that are crucial while moving your office.

  • Gathering the ingredients- Things to be planned before the move.
  • Mixing the ingredients- Things to consider while moving.
  • Baking the Cake and dressing- Things to be considered after moving.

A) Things to be the move

Moving is not an overnight task, especially in big cities like London. Office removal must be planned way before the actual move. The moment you decide to relocate your office, start planning your move as follows:

  • Hire Professional Office Movers

The first and foremost is to choose the right office movers. There are various ways to make the right choice. You should consider these factors before you choose your moving company.

1. The authenticity of the company: Check if the company is licensed.

2. Goodwill of the company: It is important to go through the reviews on the company’s official website and comments on social media handles. Once you are sure that the company holds a good image, shortlist it.

3. See if they have official website/ social media handles: It is very important to check if the organization has a strong and active presence over the net. This ensures that there will be someone to hear your grievances if anything goes wrong.

4. Training and experience of the company: Do not feel hesitant to ask if the company has adequate experience or training. A company with enriched experience or training will certainly deliver proficient services.

  • Communicate

Inform your employees in advance about the new location. This will help them to make their travel or accommodation arrangements. Make it a point that the information is passed at all levels and all the details are communicated well.

  • Floor Plan

To plan, get a blueprint of the new place to see what things you can take along and what all things you need to purchase. Customize the furniture according to the space and area.

B)  Things to be planned during the move-

Only planning before the move is not enough. Somethings need to be planned during the move. The entire process of moving can get completed in less time if you get into a rhythm. Let’s have a look at some points that need to be kept in mind during the move.

  • Switch on the lights

It will be a curse to work in a office without lights, air conditioners, or heaters properly functioning. So, ensure that you check the utilities as soon as you arrive at the new place. In case the power is not enough, ask the utility company to sort things immediately.

  • Connect the information technology system, the internet, and  the phones

Many office removal companies in London, provide this service. Inquire about the inclusive and exclusive list of the company and make the arrangements if they are not provided by the company.

  •  Take a round of your old office

On the day of moving, make sure to take a tour of the old office. This will ensure that nothing is left behind. In case you find any damage, document it to report it later to the moving company.

C) After the Move

The game is not over yet. Some things which need to be planned for the later stages too. Even after shifting, go through these checkpoints to avoid any hassle. So, here is a list of things to consider after shifting.

  •  Test your technology

As soon as you shift, check your cable connections, Wi-Fi, intercoms, and computers. If things are not working in properly, troubleshoot as needed.

  •  Ensure that your old lease is terminated 

In all this moving hustle, do not forget to check that you have terminated your previous lease. Also, announce the address changes well in advance, so that the clients can reach them easily. The key is to advertise the new address properly.

  • Assign employees’ unpacking and settling responsibilities

If your office movers have not provided these facilities, then you can assign these tasks to your employees. Deploying more manpower on these tasks will ensure the speeding up of the entire process.

2)Things to consider for your office removal journey

A)There should be no loss of productivity

The utmost priority is to keep the productivity of the company intact. Do not let the work suffer due to the shifting process. Arrange for work-from-home facilities. Get the right software installed through which you can also track the productivity of your employees.

B)Update your address to all the service providers

You will certainly not want your newspapers, or magazines to be delivered to your previous address. Imagine your subscription amount getting deducted for things being delivered to the wrong address. Sounds like a nightmare right? Thus, make it a priority to inform all the service providers about your new address.

C) Location

While deciding on the place to establish your new office, do consider looking for a suitable location. Look for factors like: are there enough transportation facilities available? Is there any medical facility or residential area nearby, etc.? If these things are unavailable and you have decided to move to that place only, start looking for arrangements already.

3)Mistakes to avoid in your office removal journey

We have seen what all we need to do. Here are some things that we need to avoid while moving our office.

A)Lack of planning

The whole purpose of this article is to help you with proper planning. Taking up tasks step by step helps in completing the tasks in less time, that too with proficiency. But leaving everything on the moving company is not enough. Lack of planning from your end will land you in trouble.

B)Not giving sufficient notice to staff

Any employee joins the organization, considering various factors like- location, transportation, etc. But if you will suddenly inform your staff about the new location, it will be very difficult for them to make the arrangements. This may lead to increased rate of employee dropouts. Thus, employees should be informed well in advance.

C) Not giving enough importance to public liability insurance

Many people do not check if the moving company they have hired, has public liability insurance or not. Getting your office belongings insured is very important to avoid any losses later. So, being ignorant about the public liability insurance can turn out to be your biggest nightmare.

D) No professional assistance

Not taking professional assistance is another blunder that you can make. Moving to a new place requires a lot of tasks to be done. It can cause panic if you do not go as per expert guidance. If you hire professional movers, your entire moving process will get ten times faster.

To sum it all, the proper chronological order must be followed. A professional office moving company like CBD Movers can help in carrying out the complex moving tasks. As soon as you decide to move, start looking for a professional moving company.

We hope you are now clear about some of the crucial things that can make your move much easier. Maybe this new place will bring you the freshness of spring.

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