house moving checklist
Wondering what to do before making move to your new house?
Worried about how to take care of everything in time?
So, before you stress yourself with the thought of exasperating task of moving house, just take a deep breath and keep reading our moving house checklist.
This will help you stay updated with the week-by-week timeline for a smooth transition.
Nobody wants to be surrounded by packing boxes and still pending with the major things. So, download our house moving checklist PDF to have a trusty sidekick in the moving house battle.

Hopefully, these tips and checklist will help your moving process streamlined as things can be easily forgotten when there is so much to think about.

Before jumping straight into a specific timeline of moving new house checklist, let’s start with some general packing and moving house tips.

  • You may come across a lot of belongings that you haven’t seen in many years. This is the best time to throw away items that you don’t really need. You should get to know such things weeks before you move so that you don’t have to take the trouble at the moment.
  • Your possessions can take more space than what you initially thought it would. It is recommended to contact london removals company to keep the guesswork out of your way.
  • The more time you invest in the packing process, the less complication you will go through while uploading. This also minimizes the risk of your possessions getting damaged in the relocation process.

Two Months Before Moving a House Checklist

You probably would be thinking that it’s too early to start, but the secret to a stress-free move is advance preparation.
Moving house takes longer than what people usually expect it to be and there are chances that some obstacles may come in the packing process.
This usually happens when you pack your belongings all by yourself. Luckily, there are a few steps that can help you stay out of these complications.

  • Lock-in your moving company and chose very carefully. For an easy and safe move, you can book CBD Movers™ UK
  • Book your relocation vehicles
  • Check your home insurance.
  • Book pet transport if you are planning to do it yourself
  • Create a folder having moving documentation, receipts, and quotes.
  • Maintain your important documents.
  • Update your address at all required places. Inform the post office.
  • Change your address in car registration and driver’s license
  • Stop shopping eatables to empty your fridge: Use frozen and perishable food
  • Dispose of everything that is no longer required
  • Note down the dents and scratches in your inventory
  • Conduct a new property inspection and organize a cleaner
  • Begin your floor plan by measuring the space of your new home
  • Check for the instruction on your electronic machines with the manufacturer, like washing machine
  • Make note of precious items that need extra protection
  • Plan how to carry jewelry and legal documents by yourself
  • Make sure that you will have mail redirecting to your new address.
  • Cancel or re-direct newspaper and any other subscriptions
  • In case you are traveling, arrange tickets, passports, currency, visas, accommodation, credit card, and other things
  • Research for storage facilities, if required
  • Obtain your schools and dental records
  • Set-up or transfer your utilities in your new address
  • If you are moving house in the UK then book highly professional and skilled packer company

One Month Before Checklist For Your Moving Day

It’s never too early to implement these moving tips as packing will always take a longer time than what you expected.

  • Finalize and fix your moving day with your removal company to have a clear timeframe
  • Start packing yourself or organize a professional packing service to take care of your items
  • Apply for leave beforehand for the day your move
  • If you are living in a rented apartment then it’s time to give notice
  • Normal contents insurance won’t cover your items during the transition process. Get moving insurance from a moving house company
  • Change your address: notify the tax office, electoral commission, important contacts, and tax department about the address change
  • Arrange a packing material and carton from storage company (bubble wrap, labels, markers, tape)
  • Collect white butcher’s paper and not newspapers
  • Start labeling carton with its designated room
  • Place your lighter items in large cartons and heavier items in small cartons
  • Dismantle furniture and place required tools with them, This helps you assemble the furniture with ease
  • Prepare your survival kit with coffee, tea, and kettle, pet requirements, bathroom necessities, medications, scissors, and snacks in one bag
  • Consider taking personal and sentimental items with you in your car

House Moving Checklist For Two Weeks Remaining

So this is the stage where you should make this housing moving checklist your bible. Keep a track of things with the checklist to ensure a stress-free, safe move.

  • Contact your movers to confirm your payment and removal requirements
  • Investigate moving requirements like access restriction, parking, traffic management, and protocol) imposed by authorities like body corporate, local council or building manager
  • Notify all the utility providers and arrange reconnection or disconnections
  • Organize Mail redirection
  • Redirect subscriptions or stop deliveries
  • Cancel domestic services like house cleaner or gardeners
  • Book in babysitter for your kids on a moving day
  • Ensure all important devices are backed up
  • If you have to travel a long distance then don’t forget to service your car
  • Arrange final readings of electricity meters and gas
  • Remove batteries

House Moving Checklist For One Week To Your Moving Day

The one week should be dedicated to the final checks and tick off your list.

  • It’s important to give your new home a final inspection before 24 to 48 hours. This helps you ensure that your property is best before settlement
  • Collect the keys of your new home from the agent or visit your landlord to collect the keys yourself.
  • Confirm all the details with your removal company (both old and new addresses)
  • Insurance requirements
  • Inform your removal company about any changes or additions to your initial plans
  • Payment requirements and options
  • Keep towels and bedding in a separate box for your moving day
  • Double check the jars and lids to avoid any spills during the transit
  • Place plates vertically to keep them secure and prevent any breakage
  • Sprinkle water on flowed and pack them into plastic lined boxes
  • Drain oil and petrol from equipment and tools

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House Moving Checklist For A Day Before Your Moving Day

This moving out checklist would rather be smaller than the other days. You should be doing the last minute odd jobs. By this time, you must be feeling relieved and stress-free, if you have been following the tips mentioned in the moving house checklist. Avoid packing nonessential and unwanted items.
Moving out the checklist for a day before shifting includes:

  • Your packers will arrive at your house today. So, it important to provide them with clear instructions
  • Prepare an “essential kit” that has basic requirements for the moving day (a first aid kit, bottles of water, phone chargers, prescribed medication, and other things)
  • Assemble a bag for every family member that has clothes for moving day and toiletries
  • In case of any modification, inform your revivalist
  • Defrost and clean your freezer and fridge
  • Fit your washing machine with shipping bolts
  • Charge your mobiles and keep them at a safer place. Write down important numbers in your diary for situations where your phone runs out of battery
  • Recheck with your utility company if the services have been scheduled to be disconnected or reconnected
  • Keep some cash in hand to cover the last moment expenses
  • Prepare an action for your very busy moving day

The House Moving Day Checklist

We have helped a number of people moved, and understand the stress and challenges of a moving day very well. So, whether you opt out for a removal company or do it yourself, we recommend you to follow our moving house checklist:

  • Give the movers the clear instruction and detailed tour of your home to ensure adequate access for the moving vehicle
  • Verify the destination address and give 2 contact numbers
  • Make sure that the priority boxes are easily accessible, mention this to the removals team so that they can load it last and take it off the first in the new house
  • Check if all the treasures have been loaded on the van by ticking off from the inventory list
  • Carry important documents and jewelry with you
  • Place a note of your new address for any delivers and emails coming to your old house

Make Sure You Check On This List Before Leaving Your Home

  • House keys have been returned to the real estate agent or solicitor
  • Everything important thing has a back-up
  • The house is locked and secure
  • All utilities have been turned off
  • The garage door opener is left behind
  • Check everything is satisfactory once the unloading process is over

House Moving New Home Checklist

  • Give the moving team ideas about where you want your belongings to be placed. We recommend you to give them a copy of your furniture plan
  • Check all your utilities are connected or not
  • Carefully check the condition of all the unpacked belonging before you sign the inventory
  • Complete a condition report in case you are renting and it is advised to take photos for your records
  • Examine if any items are left behind by the previous occupants. Make sure that the toxic and poisonous substances are cleared and the garden is safe for your children and pet
  • Leave fridge in a standing upright position for three hours before switching it on to allow coolant gas to settle
  • Assemble your beds first and then unpack the bathroom, kitchen, and other key areas

The Don’t Pack List

These items are recommended to be taken with you rather than putting them off in the van

  • Important documents (marriage license, passport, birth certificates, social security number and records having bank account information)
  • Credit cards
  • Checkbook
  • Phone and charger
  • Medication
  • Laptop and charger
  • Jewelry
  • Flashlight
  • Tape measure
  • Trash bags
  • Toolbox
  • Paper towels
  • Cash
  • Any other valuable items

Must-have Packing and Supplies Checklist

  • Boxes of different sizes: Small, medium. Large, extra-large, divided boxes and plastic bins
  • Tape: Shipping tape, masking tape for labeling, duct tape or strapping tape, tape dispensers, and painter’s tape for immediate projects
  • Scissors
  • Stickers Labels
  • Box cutters
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • Colored markers or stickers for room color coding
  • Twine, Rope, bungee cord and tie-downs to keep furniture and boxes in place
  • Packing material: Packing paper, bubble wrap, bubble wrap
  • Blanket to protect the mirror, furniture, and your TV
  • Felt pad to protect the floor
  • Basic cleaning supplies

How to Pack Checklist for Moving

  • Pack bowls and plates together in boxes. For fine china, use bubble or paper wrap
  • Wrap each piece of glass separately before putting into boxes
  • Silverware should be packed in the packaging they came in. If that is not available then pack them in sets and cover with plastic or paper
  • Wrap cords around your small appliances and secure it with duct tape and cover them with paper. Pack in cushion and boxes with towels or paper · Electronics are advised to be put in the original packaging. If you don’t have them then wrap them in towels and blankets, and place them in boxes. Use padding to fill in open spaces
  • Wrap your mirrors and artwork in blankest
  • Break down the beds and labeled boxes and bags. Place bed hardware attached to the headboard in plastic storage with a duct tape
  • Buy wardrobe carton to store hanging clothes and unpack them with ease
  • Place jewelry in a container which you will take with yourself
  • Make a box that has your makeup, bathroom towels, and toiletries
  • Disconnect washer hoses and store inside the machine, and tape the cord with its appliance
  • Repeat the same thing with dryer vent as well
  • Discard bleach, detergents and fabric softeners as they can be dangerous to transport
  • Drain oil and gas from the mower and other lawn equipment
  • Wrap saws, hoes, axes in old towels and pack them in your toolbox
  • Dispose of weed killer, fertilizers and paint

Moving House Checklist Who to Notify About the Address Change

There are certain places where you can’t miss to not inform about your new address. Our moving house checklist of the address will help you covers these major places to avoid any kind of problems in the future.

  • Inform your employer to update your contact details for payroll and other purposes
  • National Insurance, DVLA, and HMRC
  • Council tax
  • Department of work and pensions (in case you are getting money from them)
  • Electoral Roll
  • Local Gym and Club Membership
  • Cable or Satellite Service Provider
  • TV License
  • Driving License
  • Car insurance
  • V5C Vehicle Log Book
  • School or university
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance policies
  • Credit/Debit card companies
  • Electricity/ Gas/ Water suppliers
  • Royal Mail

Moving into a Rented House Checklist

There are certain things that you need to organize when you are moving into a rental property. To help you begin with the things and sort them out everything with the landlord, we have prepared this house moving checklist.

  • It is recommended to place your deposit in government-backed tenancy deposit scheme after 30 days when the landlord has received it. They should send you a certificate proof for the same. So even if you reach a dispute while moving, your deposit will be in the scheme till the time you reach the agreement
  • Reach out to your current landlord and inform them about your moving date
  • Complete any move-out damage checklist
  • Contact your new landlord and pick-up the keys
  • Schedule professional movers and notify them about your time and new address
  • End or update your current renter’s insurance
  • Purchase new insurance plan
  • Research your new neighborhood to find out the nearest grocery store, coffee shop, convenient way, gym and club
  • Make an inventory items list, such as electrical goods and furnishing and their condition when you moved in.
  • Ask for the latest gas safety certificate for the new property
  • For safety issues, you can ask for the installation of a carbon monoxide alarm
  • Check if the flammable items have a fire safety label to meet fire safety regulations
  • Ask your landlord for the TV license if you record programs. If you have one from the previous rental property then change it to your new address or apply for a new one
  • Let your local council know about your move so they can work on the Council Tax amount you need to pay to
  • Register your new address to the electoral roll. This also crucial your new credit card as credit card reference agencies take address detail from the electoral roll
  • Take the gas and electricity meter readings, so you are only charged for what you use

Finally, you are all ready to move and the countdown to the moving house checklist has begun. The big day has come. You should start implementing these tips and tricks step by step months before you move. It’s time to celebrate! If you have a yard, invite your neighbors to a small party with your friends and family. This is a good way to make new friends. That concludes our checklist.
Our moving house checklist is printable to keep it handy and help you meticulously plan out your moving day in advance.
Contact us, if you are looking for a trusted removals company that offers moving services including house removals, office relocation, furniture removals, man with a van, packers and movers, pool table movers, and piano movers.

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