Fragile Items Packing Tips
Of all the things we are worried about during a relocation, the safety of the breakables will be at the top of our priority.
It can be challenging to relocate all of the breakable items like glass and ceramics without a single crack.
Just randomly wrapping it and stuffing it into a box wouldn’t make the cut.
To protect your beautiful items made of glass, it is essential to follow a specific process that will keep your packing and moving safe. Make sure to expect the unexpected and pack your things according to the relocation.
Sometimes, the boxes maybe accidentally dropped, the roads may be turbulent and the boxes could crash on each other.
Your packing should stay through all of this ordeals and keep the glass material safe.
Here are a few pointers on how to pack glasses and plates and any other items made of glass for your relocation.

How to Pack Crystal Wine Glasses for Moving?

crystal wine glass
Crystal wine glasses are one of the most easily breakable items mainly due to its thin stem.
To start with, the best way to protect your wine glasses during a move is to pack them in cell boxes.
You can get cell boxes from the liquor store or the grocery store.
This cell box is designed to keep the glass bottles inside protected and hence is best to pack crystal wine glasses.
Here are a simple packing glasses hack for wine glasses with the stem.

  • Pack each of the glass individually. Take sufficient brown or white packing paper and stuff it inside the glass till there is no more space. Don’t press too hard on the paper; just stuff it in such that is filled freely.
  • Take some tissue papers and gently wrap the corners of the glass with it.
  • Take a few packing papers and roll it separately on the stem of the wine glass.
  • Now take two to three big sized packing paper and roll the entire wine glass such that there are at least three paper layers on the outside. Fold the remaining paper on the top into the wine glass gently.
  • Take the cell box and line it with several layers of packing paper on the bottom.
  • Place the packed wine glass inside the cell box and start arranging them.
  • In the empty spaces between the wine glasses, fill it in with packing paper, bubble wraps or cloth.
  • One important thing to note in the entire packing process is to check the papers used for any material that could scratch the glass.
  • After filling in the top layer of the box with packing paper, seal it closed and mark it as ‘Fragile’ without fail.

If you are wondering about how to pack cups made of glass, it is the same procedure as the packing for wine glasses. Instead of wrapping the stem with packing paper, you will wrap the handle of the glass cup.

How to Pack Dishes with Bubble Wrap?

How to Pack Dishes with Bubble Wrap-min
The best way to pack dishes and glasses that are heavy is to use bubble wraps.
Sometimes, the heavy dishes could tear in through the packing paper and the packing paper do not have sufficient strength to give the cushion during sudden turbulence during transportation.
Hence bubble wraps are the best option to pack such heavy dishes.

  • As the dishes will usually be heavy, get a sturdy packing box for it.
  • Line the bottom of the packing box with a minimum of two layers of bubble wraps.
  • Since the dishes will be of varying sizes, the placement of the dishes is of high importance.
  • First, take a dish and gently stuff in the mouth of the dish completely with bubble wraps. Alternatively, you can also use packing paper for just stuffing inside the dishes.
  • Once the dish is just filled with enough bubble wrap or packing paper, wrap it all around with bubble wrap and tape it together.
  • Check if all the ends of the bubble wraps are taped and then place it inside the box.
  • Start stacking the dishes in the order of the size – the largest to the smallest – from the bottom.
  • Try as much as you can to stack similar dishes side by side. Do not try to push in any dish if there is little space. This could lead to breakage during transportation.
  • Use bubble wraps to fill in the empty spaces in between the dishes.
  • Finally, after stacking the dishes, finish off at the top of the box with another layer or two of bubble wraps and tape the box.

How to Pack Glass Shelves for Moving?

how to save glass selves for moving
If you have any glass shelves in a cupboard, then you cannot relocate it as such.
You need to pack and relocate them separately. If they are left in the cupboard, they could break due to the jerks during the relocation process.
Similarly, if you have glass table tops, they too have to be carefully packed and relocated.
Here is the procedure on how to pack a glass table top for moving as well as glass shelves.

  • It is best to pack the glass shelves or the glass table top in the box that it came in. If not, try to find a strong box that is close to the size of the item you are packing.
  • Remove the glass piece carefully and wipe it off. Sometimes, the dust particles on the shelf or tabletop could scratch the glass when it is packed as such.
  • Take a few big leaves of packing paper and wrap it all around.
  • Next, take a big bubble wrap and cover it completely from all sides — tape all the corners of the bubble wrap and at the corners of the glass piece.
  • Take the packing box and fill in at the bottom with bubble wraps. If you have a single big piece of thermocol, you can also use it as a cushion at the top and the bottom.
  • Place the glass shelf or glass top on the bottom layer.
  • If the glass shelves are quite big and heavy, then it is best to pack them separately or use the extra cushion in between them.
  • After placing it all inside and stuffing the sides with bubble wraps or thermocol bits, close the box and seal it.

How to Pack Baking Dishes and Pots?

backing dish packing
Pots and baking dishes are usually one of the heaviest and therefore, packing them without breakage is a tough job.

  • Start by filling in the pots and baking dishes with packing papers.
  • Wrap it in packing paper or bubble wrap and similarly line the bottom of the box with bubble wraps.
  • As these are heavier, it is best to pack them only at the bottom and pack something light at the top of the box. This would ensure that the dishes and pots are not pressurized by the weight from the top.
  • Place the baking dishes and pots properly, add an extra layer of packing paper on the top.
  • Close the and seal it tight. Label it as ‘Fragile’ and ‘Heavy’.

If you want any help with packing your fragile items, just give a call to CBD Movers UK who have years of experience and knowledge to pack every one of the fragile items in the right way to ensure safe relocation.

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