Moving to a new place is sentimental and overwhelming. But, the most difficult thing is to move those precious belongings that are close to your heart. One such piece of equipment is the piano. No piano enthusiast will feel relaxed until their lovely piano moves safely to the new place while relocating. This delicate yet heavy instrument has numerous moving parts, which makes it more prone to damage. The only way to overcome all the risks involved in this kind of moving is to hire professional piano movers in London or wherever you are planning to dwell. It definitely takes a lot of practice in hand to do a safe piano moving and that is surely possible with the experts in the industry.

Pianos are beautiful instruments that are a source of inspiration for musicians. But, these sweet and imaginative music-producing instruments can be very awkward to move without professional assistance. There is no dearth of reliable piano movers in London, but you need to select the most suitable one for your type of equipment. So, to take care of your valuable instrument you need someone who has experience in this field. Therefore, you should start comparing different moving companies before you plan to move to a new place. Searching beforehand will give you enough time to select a high-rated removal company in Sheffield, London, or in other places in England.
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Tips To Move Piano Safely

Understand the tips and trips of piano moving even if you are hiring a professional to do this work. Being aware of the piano moving steps, you can ensure proper assistance from the movers. So, let’s get started-

  • Know the requirements– There is a need for work gloves, tape, plastic wrap, dolly straps, cardboard pads, van ramp, and weightlifting straps. At least 4 people are required to give upper body strength to make the piano safely exit your existing place.
  • Measurements are necessary– Moving without measuring the dimensions is not at all a wise step to take. It is important to know the dimensions before planning the whole process ahead. Usually, an upright piano is 110cm in height x 150cm in width. This may vary so measuring is important for all types of pianos while relocating. Measuring the new place is also very crucial for making sure your piano fits in there properly.
  • Remove obstacles– Firstly clear the path from which your piano will leave i.e. your old space and then, concentrate on welcoming it to the new place without any hindrance. You can ask for the help of your friends and family or even, request the professionals of a removal company in Sheffield or anywhere as per your location. These extra hands will make everything quite feasible.
  • Get well-versed with the moving process– Remove any sort of decoration from the piano and wrap it up with the tape. While you will lift it on a dolly, the professional will have the access to the electronic devices to do it easily. Chances are pretty high lifting a 500 kg grand piano is not at all easy on a dolly and you should seek the assistance of a pro piano mover in London.
  • The positioning plays a role– While moving a piano if you are not holding it from the right place, then chances of ending up with an injury become pretty high. All four people involved in piano moving must be on each end of the instrument. There should be a strap on every end and one person must hold it. Locking the casters (if any) is another important practice to perform in this process.
  • Know the difficult steps– Taking a grand piano through a narrow route is very difficult and requires a lot of planning beforehand. Even, fitting the piano in a lift can be a tough task. But, the most crucial thing is to pull and push the piano in the van or truck for relocation. This is the time when the chances of injuries are very high. The idea should be to have the support of a professional instead of taking such a risk.

How CBD Movers UK Can Help You in Piano Moving?

The professionals of CBD Movers UK are in the moving world for a long time. Our team is aware of all the tips and tricks you are trying to learn while planning to perform a DIY piano moving. We know how tough is this job and also know the right way through it. Our team can handle your fragile instrument with all the care and expertise.

We possess the right kind of up-to-date equipment to make the piano moving process safe and successful. Our piano movers are present in London & Sheffield and various other locations in England. All you need is to reach out to us and we will deal with the complexity of the piano moving like a pro. That intricate woodwork needs professionally reliable hands and we are undoubtedly worthy ones. The ratings and reviews provided by our clients tell a lot about our amazing facilitation. Check it out on our official website and you will be sure we are the perfect ones for your piano moving requirement. So, stop searching for removal companies in Sheffield or London anymore and connect with the recommended ones right away.

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