Upon deciding to take on major home remodels, there are an infinite number of considerations that need to be immediately attended to. According to moving companies in the UK, home remodelling projects can be extremely disruptive to daily life.

When the house is in the state of being unusable for a specific duration because of workers traipsing in and out of your living space, which eventually brings dust and dirt everywhere. So many questions regarding home remodelling expenditures, design-build firms, choice of design and interior, as well as architectural factors, arise.

Removals in Leicester have proclaimed that perhaps one of the issues that some don’t consider readily thinking of, yet that is also very important, especially in terms of planning, is how to pack.
While doing it yourself, these tips on understanding how to pack the home can help ensure your possessions will be in good condition when the renovation is over.
House Renovation Tips Removals Leicester

Use Your Storage Unit Wisely

Give some thought to where you will be storing your bulky items and boxes during a renovation. Does the moving company have a storage unit you can use? To get the answer, you need to understand that the storage unit you choose will have a big impact on the condition of your personal belongings when the house renovation is done.

Not all storage facilities are created equally. Look for moving companies in the UK with a good reputation and solid regulations in place to make sure that all your possessions will be protected.

Removals Leicester suggests while selecting a storage place, you need to check a few things, such as good security, humidity control, and one that comes with an insurance plan for your serenity. At the same time, don’t forget to start hunting for a moving company that can get your boxes to the storage place.

Declutter and Pack Systematically

Consider packing for house renovation as an opportunity to declutter the items in the house. As you’re packing and going through your old stuff, it’s also a prime time to ask this question. Are you really in need of all these things?

Segregate your items into four categories: keep, donate, gift, and trash, and you’ll soon discover you have fewer things to pack than you thought. Select one room to focus on at a time, and touch every item in that room to determine how it should be categorized.

Remember: even if the item might not take up much room in a box, you will eventually have to find a place for it in your new home. If it’s not something you need, love, or use regularly, let it go.

Once you get rid of all the items that you will not require in the future, you can focus on packing the things very systematically. When packing, begin with non-essential items such as books, and save essentials such as toiletries for last, so you can bring them with you during your few months’ stay away from home.

Packing Techniques

If you need to pack for a multi-room renovation, the most efficient strategy is to tackle the task room by room. Whatever you’re packing, the items should be thoroughly cleaned and dried beforehand.
A good place to start is the kitchen, as it will likely have the most fragile items. Packing fragile items like glass, chinaware, and crystal first is vital. Get them out of the way and make sure they won’t be broken during the packing of other things.

For packing fragile and valuable items, it’s best to wrap them in bubble wrap and newspaper individually. Any space in the boxes needs to be filled with crushed paper and packing peanuts to prevent items from wobbling in the boxes. Finally, when you place these things into storage, nothing should be stored on top of them, and they should be on a stable surface.

Packing Material is Important

If you utilize flimsy boxes, they may not hold up well enough to store goods for the proper time. And ultimately, they could very well cause some of your items to get damaged as well. You can often get a hold of plastic totes.

They are the best way to store your items while under renovation. Double-ply cardboard boxes are good packing materials to offer protection and keep your household goods from breaking during your home renovation project.

Considering how to pack and prepare for your whole home renovation may seem like a smaller and easier part of the process, but it’s not. Once you are confronted with the task of having to box up your house and assign each item to its box, you will realize that it is a way bigger task than perhaps you anticipated.

This is why it is extremely important to take the time to carefully think it through, follow smart and better steps, and make the entire renovation experience a lot more seamless than it otherwise might be.

Labelling Your Boxes

Putting labels on your boxes will save you a whole world of confusion when you unpack. Colour-code each box according to its room and label any fragile or especially heavy boxes so that Leicester removals know what they are.

They will know to stack the former on top and the latter at the bottom. This way, you will know where to look for the specific thing.
To get a step further, you can even print the picture and stick it on the outside of the box itself.

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