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A Comprehensive Guide to Calculate Cost of House Moving

The stress of looking for a new home is high whether you want to purchase or rent it. This lengthy process is not fun. Luckily you have found the perfect match by putting your best efforts. The next equally challenging task is to calculate the house removal cost to settle in your new place. The moving home process is not like a cakewalk. It becomes a difficult row to hoe when you are not organized and prepared. At times you need to make quick decisions that may cost your budget immensely. What can you possibly do in such cases?

You need an appropriate plan before relocating to the new home. With your expensive electronic and china dishes, moving house can easily become a back and bank-breaking stuff. This exciting prospect can break the bank when you don’t plan it well. And planning the upfront costs like surveyor costs, legal fees is as important as storage, packing, and transportation costs. Here is your ultimate guide to help you calculate your expenses right from buying to unpacking.

1. Buying and Selling Property


Before buying a home, the mortgage lender will evaluate the value of the property to see how much they can lend you. You need to pay them a valuation fee that is based on the product you choose. Usually, the cost is between £150 and £1,500. They will also ask you to pay an arrangement fee upfront. This will cost you around £1,000, however it can range up to £2,000. You need to consider both the factors into the cost of moving house.

2. Stamp Duty


How much stamp duty you need to pay is based on the price band your property fall into. If your residential property is located in England and Northern Ireland and costs up to £125,000, then your place is subject to Stamp Duty Land Tax. While in Scotland, you need to pay Land and Building Transaction Tax.


3. Homebuyers Report

This report costs around £400. Under this report, details of the property are accessed to detect problems that can affect the value of the property. The good part is you can use the suggestions presented in the report before purchasing a property to negotiate the price in a better way. This report is also important to save your bucks on unexpected repair bills that you may face after moving to the property.

4. Building Insurance


House Insurance

You need to show your bank building insurance before qualifying for a mortgage. Building insurance will cost you approximately £80 a year. This insurance will protect your home from floods, fire and other events that can adversely affect the value of your property. This is also a good time to go for content insurance if you don’t have any.

5. Legal Fees

For completing the required paperwork, you need to hire licensed conveyor or solicitor. They will charge you approximately between £850- £1,500.
Additionally the Land Registry chargers new owner with registering fee for their property. The fees vary based on the value of the property. You can vaguely put £90 – £140 on your removal cost for Land Registry. You need to be cautious of the electronic transfer fee even though it’s not a legal fee.

6. Estate Agent Fees

You need to pay estate agent fees if you are selling a property. This fees may vary based on the agreement with the estate agent. You can cost it more than £2,000 in your moving budget.

7.Council Tax

You have to update and pay the council tax if you are moving to a new area. This tax is a yearly fee for local services like local libraries and garbage collection. Students don’t have to pay the council tax.

8. Moving Costs

House-Moving-CBD Movers UK

You can’t just skip the cost of moving when calculating the cost of a house move. Here are certain things for which you need to make a budget:

a. Moving Company
You need to hire a well-reputed company and possess an ample amount of experience in moving. Usually, people go the DIY way and just hire a moving man which they later regret. They mostly end up losing their possessions or make more rounds with the hired van.

The cost of hiring a professional company may vary. Some companies charge based on the total volume while others charge based on distance traveled. For a vague idea, you can expect to pay somewhere between £400 for one-bedroom and £1,200+ for a three-bedroom property. You may want to add on other services like packing and disassembly of your possessions that may add on to this cost.

b. Removal Insurance
Most of the professional moving companies offer standard liability insurance to ensure the safety of your possession during the transit. You can also take additional cover for your antiques and expensive items.
To ensure complete safety of your items, check the following:

  • Hire professionals to pack the breakable and fragile items
  • Take storage insurance if you intend to keep your items in storage for a longer time.
  • Insurance your expensive and valuable items separately if they don’t have home content insurance.

c. Packing Material
Do include packing materials and moving boxes in the cost. Removal companies do offer this service but at additional cost. Some of the things that you might need are:

  • Bubble blanket
  • Double-thickness cartons
  • Wooden crates
  • Book cartons
  • Acid-free paper 
  • Wardrobe boxes

The cost of packing is dependent upon the volume and material you are going with. You can inquiry with your moving company and negotiate a rate with them for the service.

d. Storage
You might need a storage facility as you can’t take all your belongings to the new place. Your removal company can provide you with the coverage that may cost you approx. £30 a week or £120 a month.

e. Stair fees
In case you are moving to a building that has stairs, you may have to pay for the stairs. There are moving companies that charge if they have to lug your items up a staircase.

f. Paying for a Pool table or Antique Artwork
If you possess expensive artwork or pool table then there are professionally trained movers for that. These items are not just kept on cardboard and wrapped around. They need special skills to pack and move them from place to another. Some moving companies have in-house division team that deals with such belongings.

g. Rebuying items after moving-in
People usually get rid of certain things before moving to the new space. You might consider buying bath and certain new decorative things for the new place rather than keeping things that are 5 years old. This might cost you $200.

9. Some extra moving day costs are:

You may have to face certain additional cost on the day of your move. Below is a list of things that you should keep into consideration:

  • Kids: Your kids may need a babysitter for the day
  • Pets: If you have a pet then arrange a person who will look after the pet or put in kennels
  • Cleaning: You need cleaning services when moving out of the rental property to not break any tenancy agreement
  • Artwork: You might want to hire a specialist for artwork, pool table, and piano 
  • Parking permit: You need to make sure in advance that your removal men should have access to your old and new parking place.

10. How to reduce your moving costs

a. The easiest way to reduce the moving cost is decluttering. This way you have to move lesser items in the transit. To start with decluttering you need to come up with a minimalist mindset and get rid of items that you no longer use.

b. You need to pre-book your move to ensure availability and get a competitive price. Even if you don’t have any idea about your moving date it’s still worth the effort to contact various removal companies and get quotes.

c. Start Preparing your Packing Materials

  • DIY stores
  • Local businesses
  • Office supply stores
  • Recycling centers
  • You can also make use of bubble wrap, newspaper, and blankets to wrap your delicate items. 

d. Compare Quotes
It’s crucial to shop around and get at least four quotes from different companies. This doesn’t mean that you should go with the company offering the lowest rate. Check your requirement and reviews of the company before hiring it. Get in touch with them about the services to avoid any last-minute costs.

There are many costs that you need to consider when moving your house but the possibility of buying your own home or getting better living standard is worth the logistics and expenses. Your concern about the expense is right because it’s worth knowing an estimate to make the move on your preferred budget. The basic pointers discussed above can help to estimate how much does it cost to move house.

Hopefully, this basic division of the average cost of house removals in the UK will help you make the budget. Don’t forget to keep some extra bucks aside for house removal costs. You don’t want your budget to suffer due to a few bucks. All the best for your move.


Best Things To Know About Professional Removals Service in Birmingham

In the fast-moving era of technology, with the rapid growth of industries in the world, relocation becomes a common thing for individuals. When you relocate from one place to another, it is a daunting task to pack and move from one city to another. Moving services Birmingham is there to make the relocating job smooth for you. Its professional service ensures that your belongings are relocated safely from one place to another.
Removal Services Birmingham
Man with a van Birmingham service efficiently maintains and handles removal vans while moving your belongings. Well, removal services Birmingham caters the varied need of commercial and residential clients with furniture removal, house removal, office relocation, etc. there are many other jobs besides moving your belongings while you relocate, which are also done by the professionals.

Organize and Clean

When you are relocating, the first thing is to organize your stuff to pack it properly. The packers and movers professionals organize your dishes, tools, laundry, and all other necessary items to pack and move. Through these professionals, your packing and cleaning job becomes easy.

Eliminate Unwanted Stuff

While you are shifting from a place, there are many unwanted items you do not want to take with you. Those items are eliminated by the packers & movers when they are packing your stuff to move. Too much-unwanted stuff will make extra baggage to carry, which is not necessary. The items are better eliminated.

Mark and Organize The Stuff

When professionals pack your stuff, they organize and label the stuff as per their utility. For instance, the bathroom stuff is packed in a box, and the box is marked as bathroom stuff. Similarly, items of the different room are packed separately and marked accordingly. So, you can find whatever you want in your new place.

Along with all packing, all the stuff, removal service is also provided. So, you do not have to worry about moving the bulk items from the office or home. Removals Birmingham is professional service providers, equipped with skilled human resource and modern vans to cater to your needs. The professional services make your relocation easy, so, you can move from one place to another without any trouble.

Moving Checklist: Things to do After Moving into a New House in London

It’s easy to get super excited about moving into your new house. But for your own safety and security, be sure to cross these tasks off your checklist before you call it home.

It’s natural to feel super excited about moving into your new abode but it can be overwhelming, exhausting and nerve-wracking too. There’s always so much to do in one day, to get things in order, so don’t miss anything important, it’s better to start with a checklist. Your moving house checklist will help you set your priorities and streamline all the tasks that lie ahead.

Moving into a new house in London

Here’s your moving into a new house checklist:

Inspect all your delivered boxes:

Before or during the moving preparation, you might have prepared the house moving checklist. If yes, this checklist is going to help you a lot to keep a track on each box. Make sure to check against each box name as you or your moving person carry it into our new home. This will help if any box or a household item seems to be missing.
Notify the crew right away and check if it was left in the moving vehicle, either yours or moving truck by mistake.

Once all the household items and boxes are inside your new place, inspect each item for any damage done while moving. If any item is found broken or mistreated, you can contact the concerned moving company so that this issue can be resolved easily. If you choose reliable companies like London Removals Company, if something like this happens, it can be resolved very quickly.

Check up on all your utilities:

One of the things when moving into a new house to be considered is notifying the utility companies to transfer water, gas, electrical, sewer and trash into your name. But by any chance, if you hadn’t got the time to do so, do so without delay once you move into your new home. Things will look much smoother and you can carry on with other tasks once all utilities are up and running. Now the fundamental utilities are functional, make other necessary arrangements like the internet, TV, phone connection and other important services.

Check for any leakages:

One of the first things to do after moving into a new house is to inspect every nook and cranny of your new house to keep an eye out for any visible signs of damage, dripping faucets, running toilets or any kind of plumbing leakages. After moving into your new place, what you can do is to register the readings of your water meter between the times when there is no usage of water. If there’s a difference between the readings, then there is plumbing leak for sure and you’ll need to find the location and have it fixed.

Make a list of emergency numbers:

Now you have moved to a new location, prepare yourself with a handy phone book which has all the emergency numbers and addresses like your close family members, local police departments, fire departments, nearby hospitals and other numbers you or your family member needs in an emergency.

Clean your new space before unpacking:

Whether you’re moving into a brand new house or an old house; a thorough cleaning before you unpack is one of the best ways to make this new place truly feel like yours.

Start unpacking essentials:

Now you have checked all the utilities, cleaned your house, so now you can proceed by unpacking but it’s not necessary to unpack everything at once. You may start by picking your essential boxes and unpack them. Moving is definitely exhausting, so you are going to need a place or a room where you can lie down at the end of this tiring day.
Before you call it a day, prepare the two most important rooms; your bedroom and the bathroom so that you can retire peacefully at the end of the day. Assemble your bed, unpack your bedding, pull out your toiletries, your bathrobe and towel and take a refreshing shower to take away the stress and dirt of moving day. Next day, you can start with unpacking and arranging your kitchen as having food ready the very next day is also very important.

Collect all your moving receipts:

Once you’re settled, it’s a good idea to make one folder to keep all your moving receipts, just in case you need to write off your move or have any complaints regarding your move.

Get familiar with your neighborhood:

Now that you’re in a new location, you might need guidance in a completely unfamiliar environment. You may need some time to get adjusted to a new house, new neighborhood, new city, new state.
So, until then, it’s really important for you to get acquainted with your neighbors so that you can get through the acclimatization process quickly and smoothly. Greeting your neighbors will give you a chance to befriend local people who will help you learn your ways around your new neighborhood.

So now you have gone through our checklist of things to do after moving into a new house which includes all the tasks you won’t want to forget; it’s time to de-stress yourself and settle into your new home.
Using the tips mentioned above, you’ll feel right at home in no time.
Happy moving!

Moving Tips for College Students | CBD Movers UK

removal services company

For higher studies or better education, students have to relocate to from their hometown or from hostel to a new place. Though relocation is common in the current era, it is tiring for a person to carry out many different chores related to relocation. When it comes to relocation of students, it is even more daunting as they do have a lot to do in their daily routine.

It becomes hard for the students to invest that much effort and time in relocation. Students’ life is busy since they have to attend the classes, do assignments, extracurricular activities, etc. in that busy schedule, getting time for packing, organizing, relocating is not simple. In that scenario, approaching reputed moving company in Leicester helps them to relocate to a new place in a smooth manner.

Students in Leicester rely on such reputed moving services Leicester as they provide quality service to their clients. Well, the students who are relocating to a new city or a state for their studies have to take care of certain things while moving. That will make their job of relocation easy and effortless.


Make a List of Things

It is the first step of relocation. Whether you are moving from your home or hostel, it is important to make a list of the things you have to take with. Along with books and other study materials, the students have a lot of stuff to take with them. Other essential include furniture, utensils, cookware, clothes, and other stuff. Removals Leicester helps you in shifting bulk items from your home or your hostel. Removal services Leicester efficiently move your bulk items, load in the van, and unload carefully from the van at the destination.

Seek Professional Help

It will be hectic for a student to shift their stuff from one place to another single-handedly. Therefore, hiring a professional moving and packing service is beneficial for the students. CBD Movers Leicester is popular as one of the best movers Leicester for their professional service. The service professionals not only help you in moving your stuff from one place to another but also organize and pack your stuff, load in the van, and move to the destination.

The man with a van Leicester service ensures long-distance relocation of your belongings without damaging your stuff. The professional drivers move the specially designed van carefully, so that, your stuff shifted safely to the destination. Therefore, most of the students rely on man and van Leicester for a long-distance relocation.

Students, to accomplish the shifting job, used to rely on the professional packer and movers service. With professionals like removal company Leicester, the relocation becomes effortless and smooth. The service providers ensure that your belongings are organized and packed properly to avoid damage, and then move carefully to the destination. Unpacking and rearranging the stuff at your destination is also included in the service packages that made student life easier.

Moving House: Change of Address Checklist | Whom to Inform|

Are you getting ready to move to a new house? Well, it’s time to spread the word then!

In addition to the arduous task of packing and relocating all your stuff while moving house, you have the essential task of informing about the change of address.
The list doesn’t just stop with letting your friends and family know. There are a lot more authorities and many people in your life who should have an idea of where to reach you.

If you are wondering whom to inform when moving house, do not worry.
To make this work simple for you, we have prepared an elaborate change of address checklist that you can use to inform the required people without leaving anybody out.
You can use this checklist to make sure that all the critical people are updated about the change of your address.


The Ultimate Change of Address Checklist
The Ultimate Change of Address Checklist is the only checklist you need at your side when you need to inform many people about your new address.
Take a print out of the change of address checklist and start sending out your new addresses at least a week or two before your moving date.
Make sure to include the date you are moving and your contact number along with your new address.
Here is everybody you need to inform about your change of address.

1. Personal Checklist: Unlike the other checklist you will see below, the personal checklist is up to your choice.
Friends: Include all your friends who should know about where the new place you are moving to.
Family: Of course, all your family members and relatives must be informed about your move.
You can even include pictures of your new place and let them know the reason for the move if that is something you would like to boast!
Neighbors: Inform the neighbors around your house and let them where they can reach you.
In case if you fail to inform anyone or if your mails reach you after you have moved, your neighbors can give them the new address.
Make sure to inform the neighbors who probably stay the longest to make sure that someone from your old locality knows about your new address.

2. Government Authorities Checklist
This checklist is one of the most important ones. Even though you may have many things to do when moving house, this should be at the top of your priority.
Electoral Roll: When you are moving to a new location, it is vital to change your address in the electoral roll and inform the authorities about your new voting address.
In the UK, you can easily change your address on the electoral roll online by visiting their official website.
If you are moving from anywhere outside Europe to the UK, then you need to inform the Home Office.
Council Taxes: You should pay your current council tax and update your new address on the website.
Every location has its own website to provide information about the council tax and therefore, open the council tax website for your region and update the information about the change of your address.
Child Benefit: If you are getting any benefits for your children, then let them know about the new address and any more details about the child’s new school.
Department of Work and Pensions: If you are getting any pension amount from the government, you need to let them know about it too.
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Registry: When you have a license marked to your current address, you should change it to your new address.
You can do it easily online by visiting the DVLA section and update the new address.
Vehicle Tax: Make sure to update your new address for your vehicle tax. In case you forget to update it, you may be fined for that.
You can find the details of applying for a change of address online.
Inland Revenue: Inform the HMRC about the change in your address so that they can update it in your details given for income tax, national insurance and government benefits.
You can update your new address in the HMRC database online.

3. Utility Checklist
This is one of the most exhaustive checklists of all. Make sure to inform all of these utility providers a reasonable time before if you want to transfer the services to your new address.
Also, don’t mention your date of the move or the date from when you need the utility connections at your new address.
Water, Gas and Electricity Services: These three are the most important ones of all when you are transferring the same service to your new house.
Tell them the exact date you will stop using the service at the old address so that you can pay for it before you leave. Make sure to contact them a day or two before to remind them and check for the bill.
Mail Service: You may get many mails every month and it isn’t possible to inform everyone about the change of address.
Sometimes, there can be some mails that arrive late after you move and your private details can fall into the hands of strangers.
To avoid all this, it is best to set up a redirect post for a short time to get all the mails that are sent to your old address.
Please note that you can apply for the redirected post for about three months before your moving date and therefore, plan accordingly and make use of this option.
Cable Service: Your cable connection provider can change your connection to your new home if you can inform in advance.
Before that, make sure to check if your new home already has a cable connection available, else you will be wasting your money on taking out a new connection.
Landline and Broadband: Generally, most people get their landline and broadband connection from the same provider.
So you can inform them about the change of address and ask them to shift the connections to your new house.
Again, make sure to check if your new house already has a connection that just needs to attached.
If so, it will be easy to do that instead of laying out the groundwork for a new connection.
TV License: While we take care of all the other change of address stuff, we tend to leave this the most.
It just takes a few minutes to do it online by visiting the official website for TV Licensing.

4. Healthcare Checklist
When you are moving with your family, you need to think about every medical person or facility to inform about the change in your address.
Apart from informing the regular doctors, dentists, optician, physiotherapists, child specialists and the medical shops, there are also a few more people to inform.
NHS: If you get regular posts from NHS, then it is vital to inform the authority about the change in your address. You can do so online by visiting the NHS website.
Vet: If you have pets, you can let the vet know that you are moving and give the change of address.

5. Financial Checklist
It is important to let all the financial institutions know about the change of address. Else, your financial details may fall into the hands of unscrupulous persons who may misuse it.
Insurance: You may find various insurances for you, your family and your property and you will have to inform every one of the insurance providers about the change in the address.

Please note that for a particular type of insurances, your insurance premium amount is subjected to change depending on the region you are living in and the risk factors associated with it.

Therefore, once your move is confirmed, let all the insurance providers know about the change in your address. Generally, a family will have medical insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, vehicle insurance, pet insurance and home insurance.
If you have any other insurance, make a note of it in the change of address checklist and let them know.
Banks & Loan Providers: Please inform the banks where you maintain the savings account and current account. Also, let the loan and credit card providers know where to send your monthly bill along with the month from which they should use the new address for communication.

6. Educational Checklist
If you have any children studying in school or college, then it is vital to let these educational institutions know about where they can contact you.
Some colleges may send the details of tuition fees or details about the next semester.
If you fail to provide them your new address, you can miss out such valuable information.

7.Business Checklist
Aside from informing authorities about your relocation, few more people on the business front should also know your current address.
Though there is rarely any need for sending a post or a direct visit from your office to your home, it is best to keep your address updated.
You can contact the HR department to change your address on the contact details. In case, if your landline number is also changing, make sure to give them the new number.

8.Miscellaneous Checklist
Once you have informed all of the above people about the relocation, you should start with the secondary set of people who should know.
These are people who provide you regular services or from whom you have subscribed. So here are some of the common list of people to inform.

Subscription Services: If you are living long enough in a location, then you will definitely have more than a couple of subscription services in that location.
It may be your gym membership, spa membership, club membership, library subscription or any local meetup subscriptions.
Though this isn’t essential, it is important to let them know where you have moved. Else, they could be sending out mails to your old address.
You may have availed the newspaper or magazine subscriptions. So you can write to them to send it all to your new address.

Cleaning Services: Have you hired a cleaning service to clean your home regularly? Alternatively, a local part-time student to clean your lawn weekly? If you have hired any of such people regularly, then inform them that you no longer need their services starting from a particular date.

Maintenance Services: If you have hired regular pest control maintenance or any handyman to visit you regularly for small repairs, it is essential to let them know.

Apart from these people, if your accountant, financial advisor or any other such person visits your home regularly, then make sure to inform them about where to find you the next time.

For all these above services, some people would have set up regular automatic payments.
If you are one of those people, then stop these automatic payments as soon as you have informed them. Else, you will be paying for a service which you actually don’t avail.

These are all the people, services and authorities you need to inform when you relocate. Keep a copy of this change of address checklist handy and tick off one by one as you inform.
As this could take some time to ensure that all these people have successfully got the message about your new address, it is advised to start early.

Did you miss out to inform many people and still have too much relocation work to complete? Fret not! Hire some of the best removal companies London to help you pack and relocate your stuff while you take care of informing all the vital people about the change of your address.

CBD Movers UK is one of the most experienced and reliable relocation companies in London who have helped many families to relocate safely at the last minute. Leave the main job of packing and relocating to us while you take care of the administrative aspects of the move! Contact us now to get a free online quote.

A Comprehensive Guide For the Best Places To Live and Work in the UK

Are you facing a difficult time to choose the place to live and work in the UK?

The UK gives you plenty of choices like Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. All these countries give you larger cosmopolitan cities, countryside, and towns. This place offers you top cities and still, you are never far from the countryside. No wonder it becomes difficult to choose from the energetic and vibrant cities.

We have compiled the list of best places to live in the UK.

1. Educational Sector:

Giving your child the best education is the most important decision you will make. UK stands in second place after the US in consistently providing higher standards of teaching. It’s not an easy task to relocate with school-age children.

a) Schools in the UK

Sending your kids to private school or independent school is a smart choice. Most of the schools offer boarding facilities and smaller size of the class. The admission criteria are dependent on availability and academic merit.
You can even send your kids to a state school that is free of charge. We would advise you to conduct some researches as the standard of state school may vary.

b) Higher Education

Pursuing higher education in the UK gets costly and this price is standard across all the country. With more than 160 universities and an end number of courses, the UK offers a unique college experience. With modern facilities, historic institutions and innovative research center, you can tailor-make your learning based on your goal.

Students need to go for an undergraduate course in their selected study field or any related degree that is recognized by reputed or higher UK education.
Those who have pursued their undergraduate degree from UK University or accredited institution aboard can carry a postgrad degree.

The best universities in the UK as per The Guardian Newspaper:

  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • St Andrews
  • Loughborough
  • Bath
  • Durham
  • Imperial College London
  • Warwick
  • Leeds
  • Lancaster

2. Means of Transportation

You can find many options for public transportation in the UK. The UK has the most advanced modes of transport however, you have to face traffic as these countries are populated, especially big cities such as London. You can get around by ferry, bus, taxi, train, airplane or drive by yourself.

Means of Transportation

a) Motorcycle

This means of transportation is also popular as a pastime in the UK. You can get a full motorcycle license after clearing a test when you are 17 years old. You can have a provisional license when you are 16 to ride a motorcycle with engine capacity up to 50cc.

b) Buses and Coaches

You can see double-decker and single-decker buses in cities and towns. Here people usually use coaches to travel long distances or for school outings. You can see a lot of red double-decker buses in London.

c) Taxis

You will find black taxis in London and different color taxi in other countries. If the cab has lit the sign of “for hire” then he/she is obliged to stop for the passenger.

  • Dial-a-cab (contact number 02072535000)
  • Radio Taxis (contact number 02072720272)
  • Lady Cabs (Contact number 02072723300)

d) Tube

The tube was started in 1990 and covers the largest areas in London. It has 253 miles tracks out of which 93 miles are in deep tunnels and 20 miles in shallow tunnels. It covers the central and greater London and connects mainline stations.

e) Euro Trains

Euro trains are the most extensive in Europe with 1,500 trains in a day. It has 11,000 miles of lines and stations around 2,500. The high-speed trains are called “Eurostar” and connect Ashford, London, Brussels, Paris, Calais, Paris, Avignon, and French Alps. In case you want to take your car along then go on the Euro Shuttle.

f) Train Stations

Major train stations of London are St Pancras, Euston, Charing Cross, and Victoria

g) Airports

You will find around 470 airports in England. In London, Gatwick and Heathrow are main centers for your overseas flight.
Some of the busiest UK airports are:

  • Heathrow
  • Gatwick
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Stansted
  • Glasgow
  • Luton
  • Edinburgh
  • Bristol
  • Belfast International

You may have to deal with difficulty in travelling to and from these listed airports. Hence, to avoid delay; it is recommended that you can use the chauffeur service company or minicab service to reach your destination without any delay.

3. Cost of living/Standard of living

Are you wonder what can be the cost of living in the UK? This depends on your living standards and location. You have to make a budget by considering the college fee, transportation, and many other things. Let’s have a quick look at the factors impacting your budget.

Cost of living in the UK

a) Rent

The foremost thing you need to consider is the average rent of living in the UK. A one bedroom in the city may cost you around £650/ Month. It may cost you £550 if you don’t live in the city. And most likely your energy cost will be added in the rent.

b) Council Tax

You have to pay council tax if you live in the UK. This is calculated on a yearly basis depending on your location and number of people staying with you. The tax covers police forces, street maintenance, and trash collection. This cost about £25/week.

c) Travel Cost

People usually go for passes rather than having a vehicle. This saves them time and it comes in budget. The monthly pass cost around £55.

d) Other Utilities

In case your rent doesn’t cover the total for electricity, gas, and water then it may cost you around £40/week. If you loving traveling and stay less at home then it may cost you less.

e) Television License

You need to pay for television license even if you barely watch TV, tablet or computer. This license cost £150/year. Luckily, this isn’t based on per person.

f) Mobile Phone Plan

Once you are in the UK, you need a local number to communicate with family, friends and other people. You can choose from various mobile networks.

g) Miscellaneous Costs

This includes the internet, food, toiletries, items, and services that you will require. You need to have a certain amount of saving for your healthcare issues and general emergencies.

4. Best Places to Live in London

You will find a higher cost of living in London but it is affordable than the other larger cities of the world. London offers a high quality of lifestyle as any other cities. This place offers a home to more than 8.6 million residents. This place is known for the biggest business hubs and tourist destinations.

Some of the places live in London are:

a) Notting Hill

If you like watching romantic movies then you probably have heard about this place. You can spot café, high-end restaurants and boutiques here. If you have a good paying job then this is an ideal place to live in London.

b) Fulham

This place is popular for prosperity and wealth. Earlier it was for people who use to involve themselves in drinking and gambling. Now, this is also known as one of the safest places in London that makes it ideal for families. This is a great place for people who have a high paying job.

c) Richmond

This is a great place to live if you are looking for community spirit. It is located at the borders of the Thames river and close to the city center. A place you will find everything: parks, theatres, schools, shops, and restaurants.

d) Hackney

In just 5 miles you can reach Charing Cross from this place. Most people coming to London wants to stay here. This is a great place for a young professional.

e) Southwark

Southwark is located almost at the center towards the south of the Thames River. You can find the oldest theatres like the Globe and Tate Modern here. You can also find eateries at every budget and palate.

5. Things to do in London

You get spoilt for choice for things to do in London. There are secret spots and attraction places that are a great place to start. You can choose from having the BBQ club feast nearby Thames to supporting runners at Hackney Half Marathon.

Things to do in London

  • You can visit The residence of Henry VIII – Hampton Court Palace
  • See the Crown Jewel exhibition to see the largest diamond
  • Tour at Buckingham Palace
  • See a view from St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Want to see Egyptian mummies? Do pay a visit to the British Museum
  • If you love art then visit Tate Modern, National Gallery, and many other places
  • Pay a visit to eight Royal Parks for peace
  • You can stand next to Big Ben when it strikes
  • Want to meet underwater creatures? Visit Seal Life aquarium

Benefits of Living in London

The foremost benefits of living in London is having job opportunities, accessing public transportation system, food joints, musical entertainment, and multiple cultures. You can visit any place at a reasonable price via tube and buses. There are a lot of cultures like art galleries, museums, theaters and most of them are without any charges. With a lot of companies located here, you can have plenty of jobs with the right qualifications. As far as the commuting part is concerned, there are many train station if you don’t want to drive. You can’t miss your social life with plenty of pubs, restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightclubs. All in all, it is a really beautiful and friendly city.

Moving to London may be the hardest thing in this whole process, especially if you are moving to not so familiar place. You need to have expert guidance to make your relocation experience easy, smooth and safe. We provide removals in London to help you conduct house move, furniture move, artifacts, and office move. You can have a seamless relocation process with one-stop relocation solutions.

Get in touch with us for an effective and safe move.

8 Myths About Removals Services in Waltham Forest Exposed!

Just like any other company, there are some myths in the Movers Waltham Forest Services also. Some rogue moving companies never reveal the real facts about their removals services Waltham Forest from the word by month. In this write-up, we’re going to expose 8 most common myths about moving services Waltham Forest up a little bit.

Myth 1: All Removals Businesses are like a Pack of Crooks.

All movers or relocation services Waltham Forest are not the same. A spoiled apple doesn’t mean that all others are also bad. You should do thorough research and find the best fitted Moving Company Waltham Forest. Shortlist at least 5 leading movers companies and compare each of them with respect to their offered services, reputation, and service costs. If you are looking for guaranteed protection against rouge movers, it’s a good idea to hire experienced removals services company with a proven track record.

Removals Services in Waltham Forest

Myth 2: Before I Move, I Should Pack Everything!

Without any professional knowledge, it makes no sense to indulge yourself in the entire packing job before moving. You don’t want to end up making your move a complete disaster. So, do not hesitate to hire from several professional removals companies in Waltham Forest that provide desired protection to all your valuables for the safe transfer of your belongings using the best quality packing boxes and supplies.

Myth 3: All Packing Boxes and Supplies are the Same.

If you consider the myth above, you are making a mistake! Professional moving boxes and supplies are usually made more durable with sturdy cardboard so that they can protect your valuables, electronics. and fragile items. On the other hand, ordinary packing boxes from retail stores can easily tear apart by loading heavy items. Not only that, recycled or used boxes could even contaminate your goods.

Myth 4: It doesn’t do Much to Label Boxes!

There’s no doubt that an unlabeled box in the new location will frustrate you even if you just look for a pair of socks through all your boxes. Therefore, it is worth spending a little more time on properly labeling all your boxes on a moving day as it helps you save time, effort, and money when arranging the new place.

Myth 5: Moving Insurance will Cover all Damages or Items lost!

Most professional movers companies in Waltham Forest, the UK offer basic liability coverage only. This basic insurance covers only a portion of the damage or loss of items. If you want full value insurance for your goods then you should ask your removal Company or a reliable third party insurance company.

Myth 6: No Need to Pay Moving Services in Waltham Forest before all Your Households are Unpacked at the New Place!

This is the greatest myth of all removal services. Most relocation services in Waltham Forest require a small deposit before signing an agreement and you need to clear full payment before unloading of your belongings on a new property.

Myth 7: I gotta Ride with the Truck’s Movers!

Generally speaking, removals companies do not allow their customers to travel with them because they are only paid for moving their goods. It is unnecessary to ride with the movers Waltham Forest in the moving truck and make them uncomfortable throughout the move, as this will show you do not believe in their professional removal service.

Myth 8 Uncovered: All Relocation Services in Waltham Forest are Costing the Same!

Simply delusive. Always remember, final service costs may vary with the type of moving company in Waltham Forest you select. You should be careful if you hire a cheaper alternative to your relocation needs, as it will cost you more than hiring prestigious removals companies. This is a common removal scam to increase the final cost of removals service in the last minutes. So, do not hesitate to obtain as many removal quotes as possible to compare and find out the most cost-effective removals service company.

Wrapping up Waltham Forest!

Always believe in the moving facts, not the myths. Hope most of your myths about moving have exposed today. If you want to share any moving myth with us simply leave your comment in the comments section below.

Things To Check & Choose The Right ‘Man and Van’ Moving Services in UK

Moving your possessions isn’t as easy as you may think. So you need to do adequate research and planning to organize all your things and move them safely to your new place. Although some people may try to do it alone, it might be a good decision for you to use a man and van Glasgow removal service as an alternative. If you’re thinking of moving a furnished, rented house, a studio apartment or a small flat anywhere in the UK, using a right man and van Liverpool service could save you on removal charges.
Moving Company Newcastle Upon Tyne
Whether you want to transport large or heavy furniture items throughout the UK or just have a minor moving job you need to do, the man with a van Bristol service is the right choice for convenience and cost. There are quite a few moving services in Nottingham that are becoming increasingly standard with tenants and businesses throughout the country. So, if you are thinking of moving something across the UK, make the right move to use a cost-effective man with a van removal service from a reliable moving company Newcastle Upon Tyne.

But it is never so easy to choose the most appropriate man and van services out of a plethora of removal companies. So, here in this write-up, we share a list of things to check and choose the most suitable man and van removal service company:

  1. Work History
  2. Shortlisted five most suitable removal companies and ask about their work history. Go through their individual Google and Facebook page or other social media accounts like ‘Yell’, and check whether or not they have received good reviews from previous clients. You can quickly find the information you need about a man and van Glasgow service company to either Google their trade name or simply enter their phone number.

  3. Go For Recommendations
  4. It’s worth asking your colleagues or nears and dears for personal recommendations from who has gained previous experience of moving. This can help you save lots of time and stress to choose a reliable moving company.

  5. Insurance Cover
  6. Mostly man with van services across the UK including Liverpool, Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne, Nottingham, and Bristol can provide you with three types of insurance cover as discussed below:

    • Vehicle Insurance
    • All moving service provider companies need to have a vehicle policy which is more expensive
      than other policies and covers the whole vehicle. Therefore, before hiring the service provider
      the company makes sure it holds an appropriate vehicle policy to cover any mishap or damage during the move.

    • Transit Insurance
    • If you are moving with your valuables, it’s recommended to have transit insurance to cover all
      your goods that are being transported to a new location. This insurance policy usually covers any
      accidental damage caused by a vehicle crash, fire or any other unfortunate events.

    • Public Liability

    This insurance policy covers both customers and members of the public for any physical injury
    and building damage. Therefore, it’s worth asking a moving company Newcastle Upon Tyne for at least a vehicle insurance and, if possible, the other two as well.

  7. Man and Van : Services & Pricing

Make sure that your hired man with a van Bristol removal service provides you two movers, a driver, and a vehicle that is large enough to carry all your luggage. It’s even worth making clear about the level of service that is being offered to you, how much you need to pay, whether you will be charged for a fixed price or an hour? Also, clarify if moving items up and down stairs are included in the prices or are charged extra?

If you are planning to move to a new city anywhere across the UK and looking for hiring a reliable and cost-effective Man and Van moving services Nottingham, simply call and talk one of the consultants to share your requirements.

Simple Yet Affordable Tips For Moving an Office

Moving a business to a new office can be daunting, especially if you’re on a tight budget and haven’t managed it well. If you plan to move your office to a new location in and around Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, and Leicester, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy from new and exciting changes from enhanced staff motivation to improved brand recognition and workplace culture. In order to ensure substantial growth in revenue and customer base, it makes sense for you to plan your business move properly in advance.

Man with a Van Leicester
However, if you are tight on your moving budget, here, we are discussing a handful of tricks and strategies from our specialist man and van Manchester removals team to help you get away from the stress of moving the office:

  1. Plan it Beforehand
  2. According to experts, you should clearly plan everything related to your office moving needs at least three months in advance. Evaluate everything in your current as well as new office and decide what to move and what to eliminate or donate. Planning your office move in advance will help you streamline all of your logistics and eliminate unnecessary problems.

  3. Set a Moving Budget
  4. If you want to stay stress-free while relocating your office, consider a number of expenses including the cost of hiring a professional moving company Birmingham, existing office repair, new office rentals, new furniture, and building insurance. Before you create a fair and efficient budget for moving your office to a new location throughout the UK, it is critical for you to analyze your upcoming moving needs.

  5. Involve Your Office Staff
  6. It is a good idea to involve your office staff early in the move. Ask your employees to pack their desks or offices as it also gives them the chance to clean up their spaces and get rid of things they don’t need to move around.

  7. Dispose of or Donate Unwanted Equipment and Goods
  8. If you still have some old laptops, machines, or phones in your office to take up space? If yes, it makes sense to dispose of or donate these items before the moving day to minimize the moving size and cost as well. At CBD Movers, our specialist man and van Sheffield services can help you declutter your all your unwanted stuff. We know a lot of licensed charities and institutes that may need some of your unwanted stuff and are happy to use it.

  9. Refurbish or Re-manufacture Old Furniture
  10. Moving office furniture and equipment can be a major expense for a commercial relocation project. So, it is not a good idea to replace all your old furniture and equipment with brand new items, as this can take up a substantial part of your budget. You can, therefore, consider renovating or refurbishing your old furniture and equipment for use in your new office instead of buying brand new items at a substantial cost. Our specialist man with a van Leicester service can help you refurbish or re-manufacture your old office furniture and equipment only at a fraction of the cost of brand new furniture. We not only save you thousands of pounds, but we also make sure that your furniture and equipment fits your new location in a new condition, and give your office a modern new look.

  11. Uninterrupted Client Support
  12. Informing all of your vendors, franchisees, and customers about your business move are important. Make them aware of temporary interruptions or delays in customer service during the transition period. If possible, deploy one or two employees to handle emergency calls to ensure uninterrupted customer service.

  13. Move Essential Items in The Last
  14. Conduct a thorough analysis of everything to separate essential and non-essential in your office. First transfer non-essential items to minimize downtime in your new office space. Pack all essential items carefully in boxes and containers and label them to minimize unpacking problems. The equipment required for daily operations should be loaded and moved in the last trip of the moving day.

  15. Update Your Office Address

Do not forget to change your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information with Google in addition to updating vendors and customers about your new address. Once your edit has been approved, all Google searches will display your new office information.

Wrapping up, if you are seriously concerned about minimizing your logistical difficulties and moving costs while moving your office to a new location without interrupting the work in your office, you should learn the tips above. However, If you’re still not sure how to make your office move simple and affordable, you can use the expertise of our man and van Leeds removal services. We help you stay stress-free throughout your relocation process to cut down on your unwanted expenses in addition to removing and transferring your office items quickly and safely to a new destination.

How to Pack Fragile Items: Packing Dishes and Glasses

Fragile Items Packing Tips

Of all the things we are worried about during a relocation, the safety of the breakables will be at the top of our priority.
It can be challenging to relocate all of the breakable items like glass and ceramics without a single crack.
Just randomly wrapping it and stuffing it into a box wouldn’t make the cut.

To protect your beautiful items made of glass, it is essential to follow a specific process that will keep your packing and moving safe. Make sure to expect the unexpected and pack your things according to the relocation.
Sometimes, the boxes maybe accidentally dropped, the roads may be turbulent and the boxes could crash on each other.
Your packing should stay through all of this ordeals and keep the glass material safe.
Here are a few pointers on how to pack glasses and plates and any other items made of glass for your relocation.

How to Pack Crystal Wine Glasses for Moving?

crystal wine glass

Crystal wine glasses are one of the most easily breakable items mainly due to its thin stem.
To start with, the best way to protect your wine glasses during a move is to pack them in cell boxes.
You can get cell boxes from the liquor store or the grocery store.
This cell box is designed to keep the glass bottles inside protected and hence is best to pack crystal wine glasses.
Here are a simple packing glasses hack for wine glasses with the stem.

  • Pack each of the glass individually. Take sufficient brown or white packing paper and stuff it inside the glass till there is no more space. Don’t press too hard on the paper; just stuff it in such that is filled freely.
  • Take some tissue papers and gently wrap the corners of the glass with it.
  • Take a few packing papers and roll it separately on the stem of the wine glass.
  • Now take two to three big sized packing paper and roll the entire wine glass such that there are at least three paper layers on the outside. Fold the remaining paper on the top into the wine glass gently.
  • Take the cell box and line it with several layers of packing paper on the bottom.
  • Place the packed wine glass inside the cell box and start arranging them.
  • In the empty spaces between the wine glasses, fill it in with packing paper, bubble wraps or cloth.
  • One important thing to note in the entire packing process is to check the papers used for any material that could scratch the glass.
  • After filling in the top layer of the box with packing paper, seal it closed and mark it as ‘Fragile’ without fail.

If you are wondering about how to pack cups made of glass, it is the same procedure as the packing for wine glasses. Instead of wrapping the stem with packing paper, you will wrap the handle of the glass cup.

How to Pack Dishes with Bubble Wrap?

How to Pack Dishes with Bubble Wrap-min

The best way to pack dishes and glasses that are heavy is to use bubble wraps.
Sometimes, the heavy dishes could tear in through the packing paper and the packing paper do not have sufficient strength to give the cushion during sudden turbulence during transportation.
Hence bubble wraps are the best option to pack such heavy dishes.

  • As the dishes will usually be heavy, get a sturdy packing box for it.
  • Line the bottom of the packing box with a minimum of two layers of bubble wraps.
  • Since the dishes will be of varying sizes, the placement of the dishes is of high importance.
  • First, take a dish and gently stuff in the mouth of the dish completely with bubble wraps. Alternatively, you can also use packing paper for just stuffing inside the dishes.
  • Once the dish is just filled with enough bubble wrap or packing paper, wrap it all around with bubble wrap and tape it together.
  • Check if all the ends of the bubble wraps are taped and then place it inside the box.
  • Start stacking the dishes in the order of the size – the largest to the smallest – from the bottom.
  • Try as much as you can to stack similar dishes side by side. Do not try to push in any dish if there is little space. This could lead to breakage during transportation.
  • Use bubble wraps to fill in the empty spaces in between the dishes.
  • Finally, after stacking the dishes, finish off at the top of the box with another layer or two of bubble wraps and tape the box.

How to Pack Glass Shelves for Moving?


how to save glass selves for moving

If you have any glass shelves in a cupboard, then you cannot relocate it as such.
You need to pack and relocate them separately. If they are left in the cupboard, they could break due to the jerks during the relocation process.
Similarly, if you have glass table tops, they too have to be carefully packed and relocated.
Here is the procedure on how to pack a glass table top for moving as well as glass shelves.

  • It is best to pack the glass shelves or the glass table top in the box that it came in. If not, try to find a strong box that is close to the size of the item you are packing.
  • Remove the glass piece carefully and wipe it off. Sometimes, the dust particles on the shelf or tabletop could scratch the glass when it is packed as such.
  • Take a few big leaves of packing paper and wrap it all around.
  • Next, take a big bubble wrap and cover it completely from all sides — tape all the corners of the bubble wrap and at the corners of the glass piece.
  • Take the packing box and fill in at the bottom with bubble wraps. If you have a single big piece of thermocol, you can also use it as a cushion at the top and the bottom.
  • Place the glass shelf or glass top on the bottom layer.
  • If the glass shelves are quite big and heavy, then it is best to pack them separately or use the extra cushion in between them.
  • After placing it all inside and stuffing the sides with bubble wraps or thermocol bits, close the box and seal it.

How to Pack Baking Dishes and Pots?

backing dish packing

Pots and baking dishes are usually one of the heaviest and therefore, packing them without breakage is a tough job.

  • Start by filling in the pots and baking dishes with packing papers.
  • Wrap it in packing paper or bubble wrap and similarly line the bottom of the box with bubble wraps.
  • As these are heavier, it is best to pack them only at the bottom and pack something light at the top of the box. This would ensure that the dishes and pots are not pressurized by the weight from the top.
  • Place the baking dishes and pots properly, add an extra layer of packing paper on the top.
  • Close the and seal it tight. Label it as ‘Fragile’ and ‘Heavy’.

If you want any help with packing your fragile items, just give a call to CBD Movers UK who have years of experience and knowledge to pack every one of the fragile items in the right way to ensure safe relocation.

Top Tips For Couples Moving House

Moving in with your partner is an exciting time! Your first home together is something you’re sure to have great memories of. But moving house can be stressful, and when you’re moving in as a couple for the first time, you understandably want things to get off to a good start.

What to do before moving into a house?

Make sure the memories you make are good from day one with these top moving house tips!



Preparation is key when it comes to moving. The whole process is bound to be stressful and lead to heightened arguments if you haven’t planned accordingly.

The best way to prepare for a house move is to stay super organised in the weeks, and even months, leading up to it. Start planning removals, book days aside to actually do the move and, if necessary, clear your diary for the week. Moving can be an exciting and even fun process if you take the time to prepare for it properly. You won’t regret it.

Clear out

This actually comes under preparation, but it deserves a heading all of its own. You may think you live a minimalist lifestyle, but trust me, once you get packing you’ll realise you have A LOT of stuff.

Why spend the time moving it all into your sparkly new home when you don’t need to take it at all?

Having a clear out before you move is the perfect way to ensure that you only take the necessary with you. Let’s be honest, no couple needs two toasters, two kettles, and two microwaves, do they? By getting rid of items (whether that’s by binning, selling or donating) in the run-up to your move, all the duplicate items, things that you want to replace and stuff you didn’t even know you had, you’ll save a lot of time and effort packing and unpacking.

Get help!

Of course, no one can expect you to go through your entire life collection of junk, junk and more junk on your own. That’s what family and friends are there for right?

Moving is a big event, and there’s usually at least a few willing souls to help you get through it alive. So, if the offer comes up, take it—no doubt there will be an opportunity to repay the debt in the future!

Get more help!

You’d be surprised how much stuff two people can accumulate. It’s more than a few car boots worth! Even if you’re only moving five minutes down the road, it can be pretty tedious doing numerous car trips to and fro and trying to pack as much into your aunt’s not all that suitable Renault Clio as is humanly possible.

For a pretty affordable price and minimal effort, you can hire a professional team who will pack, transport and unpack your possessions for you.

Bill splitting apps

Finance and more specifically bills can be a touchy subject for anyone sharing a house, including couples. Not only can managing the bills cause unnecessary arguments, it can also lead to unnecessary stress and wastes time that should be spent enjoying your new home.

Bill splitting and household management apps are designed with young couples living together for the first time in mind. These apps can help you to track, manage and split your bills between you and your partner with ease. The passive aggressive IOU’s on the fridge is no more with a good bill splitting app under your belt, which will send friendly reminders when a payment is due, so there really are no excuses!

Setting up the bills in your new house can be just as troublesome as managing them. Deciding who gets lumbered with the task of calling the utility companies with a game of rock-paper-scissors won’t be necessary with an effective bill splitting system. Specially designed software means you can easily set your bills up from your mobile.

What’s more, these apps are unbiased, 100% transparent management systems, so that both you and your partner will be able to see exactly who’s paying what at the touch of a button.

If you’re moving in with your other half, don’t let yourself get bogged down in the stressful logistics. Follow these tips and the process itself will not only run smoothly but be something you can look back on with fond memories in the years to come!

Tips for Successful Relocation to Hackney

The London Borough of Hackney is known for its historical, administrative, and cultural significance. Moving here means you’re living in one of the most vibrant, diverse, and fashionable postcodes in North London. But if you haven’t planned the things properly, simply moving to London itself can become stressful and full of hassles. So, it is essential for you to plan ahead before starting your packing work. In any difficulty, it always makes sense get the support from one of the professional and reliable Relocation Services Hackney.



At CBD Movers UK our talented Movers Hackney are proficient in delivering a range of Removals Services. They pick up every smaller detail during relocation, which could otherwise be missed.

To make your house removals and shifting tasks easier, we’ve compiled some useful tips for you, so here it is;


Pick a Reliable Partner

Contact and get quotes from the top five moving services providers or companies. Compare and choose a company that offers all the necessary services at the most cost-effective prices. A reliable Relocation Services company will take on all your stress or physical strains out of moving. Even if you want to do some of the full packing and logistics jobs on your own, your hired movers services company will provide you with the necessary advice and support for a successful move.


Use Superior Packing Boxes and Supplies

Ask your hired Removals Services Hackney Provider to supply strong and robust cardboard boxes and supplies to perfectly pack and protect your valuables. Avoid using inferior or second – hand packing materials as they can tear down at any time to damage your delicate belongings.


Timing is Important

Moving at the wrong time can cause you to spend hours in traffic. Also check if any major events such as games, concerts, conferences are happening in your city that will likely to bring in more traffic to a standstill. So, better to plan your move early in the morning before 8 AM during the weekdays or weekends to avoid heavy traffic.


Make a Checklist

There are plenty of things you need to remember before and after completion of a move, such as clearing out excessive stuff, packing of households, changing address, sending mail to inform people, close or transfer utility services, day care for children and so on. It may be difficult for you to keep so many things in your mind. So, it is better to create a list of all the important tasks you need to do. Strike off each task once it will be completed.


Pack Kitchens First

Kitchens are the most important and least straightforward place of the home. It contains a variety of delicate and fragile crockery items, implements, and appliances that require the best packing and handling to survive a local or long-distance move. So, better to leave them for your hired Movers company. Avoid packing perishable items, better to eat as much food as possible before moving.


Keep Priority Items Handy

The second important thing before moving is to keep your priority items handy with you. There is a list of items that are needed immediately such as your driving license, wallet, the keys to the new home, bedroom items, and toiletries. Pack these items in a separate bag or unsealed box and keep them with you so you can find them quickly. If you’re moving with small children, don’t forget to carry their clothes, feeding mugs or bottles as well as toys to keep them occupied on the way.


To learn more about how our specialist House Removals Services can help you move successfully, you’re just a call away.

Know various critical factors while seeking to relocate your company

It is not that much easy to relocate an office as some companies might imagine. Never take a decision for office relocation in a vacuum. While moving your office to any of your desired cities such as Enfield, Kingston Upon Thames, Bromley and Croydon, it may affect both your business and stakeholders. Even when you are using professional Relocation Services Enfield make sure that your routine business operations are not affected. Even request your office staff to cooperate with the employees of Removals Services Kingston Upon Thames for a timely and cost-effective move.


Removals Services-Kingston-Upon-Thames


So, before planning a moving date, it makes sense to consider all the reasons to move your office like a hike in rent, availability of raw material, cost of labor, business growth, personal reasons, etc. This will help you and your hired Movers Bromley, to create a perfect moving plan to make sure a stress-free and cost-effective office move. Let’s discuss some of the critical factors that will help you make your business move as seamless and cost-efficient as possible.


Market Research

Do thorough market research to know the demographics of a city of preference where you are planning to shift your business. Consider the most essential factors as per your business needs to make it an ideal choice for your office such as reputation and safety, friendly neighborhood, availability of qualified professionals, raw materials, transportation etc. After finalizing your office location, do your research to hire an experienced and reliable Man with a Van Croydon services that offers you top-notch transportation at the most reasonable prices.


Reach to the Potential Customers

It could be highly beneficial for you have the most of your potential customers near to your new office location. But it doesn’t mean you should leave to target all those customers located near your current city. Therefore, before making a decision to move, it is better to discuss with your current customers if they will be ready to travel across the cities or comfortable to communicate over the phone or internet for buying your products or services. In case they refuse, there are more chances that these clients will switch to your competitors after your relocation. You can take help from an experienced Moving Company Kingston Upon Thames who can guide and offer you the best and cost-effective door to door delivery of your products across the cities or borough in London and the UK.





Find out and confirm, if a particular city or region has already plenty of industries that sell the same products or services like yours. Don’t consider to relocate in a city that offers you much competition from the existing businesses, otherwise, it could be extremely difficult for you to survive the competition.


Cost of Moving

Cost of moving is a major deciding factor for many businesses while considering to move their office from one location to the other. A high costs of Removals Services Kingston Upon Thames along with many other expenditures like the cost of furnishing the new premises, cost of training the new staff, cost of advertising, cost of raw material, transport, etc. may likely to increase overall costs of products or services. So, businesses like you may have left no other options but to increase the prices of products or services, and that even cause you to lose customers and decrease your overall profits. So, it is crucial for you to do proper research and use reliable and cost-efficient Relocation Services Enfield that can help you save big on your relocation cost. For more information reach us and get the best competitive quote free of cost.

The Ultimate House Moving Checklist : Download Printable File

house moving checklist

Wondering what to do before making move to your new house?

Worried about how to take care of everything in time?

So, before you stress yourself with the thought of exasperating task of moving house, just take a deep breath and keep reading our moving house checklist.

This will help you stay updated with the week-by-week timeline for a smooth transition.

Nobody wants to be surrounded by packing boxes and still pending with the major things. So, download our moving house checklist PDF to have a trusty sidekick in the moving house battle.


Hopefully, these tips and checklist will help your moving process streamlined as things can be easily forgotten when there is so much to think about.

Before jumping straight into a specific timeline of moving new house checklist, let’s start with some general packing and moving house tips.

  • You may come across a lot of belongings that you haven’t seen in many years. This is the best time to throw away items that you don’t really need. You should get to know such things weeks before you move so that you don’t have to take the trouble at the moment.
  • Your possessions can take more space than what you initially thought it would. It is recommended to contact a removal company to keep the guesswork out of your way.
  • The more time you invest in the packing process, the less complication you will go through while uploading. This also minimizes the risk of your possessions getting damaged in the relocation process.

Two Months Before Moving a House Checklist

two month before house moving checklist

You probably would be thinking that it’s too early to start, but the secret to a stress-free move is advance preparation.

Moving house takes longer than what people usually expect it to be and there are chances that some obstacles may come in the packing process.

This usually happens when you pack your belongings all by yourself. Luckily, there are a few steps that can help you stay out of these complications.

  • Lock-in your moving company and chose very carefully. For an easy and safe move, you can book in CB movers in the UK
  • Take a budget into account and ask for at least 3 quotes from different companies
  • Book your relocation vehicles
  • Check your home insurance.
  • Book pet transport if you are planning to do it yourself
  • Create a folder having moving documentation, receipts, and quotes.
  • Maintain your important documents.
  • Update your address at all required places. Inform the post office.
  • Change your address in car registration and driver’s license
  • Stop shopping eatables to empty your fridge: Use frozen and perishable food
  • Dispose of everything that is no longer required
  • Note down the dents and scratches in your inventory
  • Conduct a new property inspection and organize a cleaner
  • Begin your floor plan by measuring the space of your new home
  • Check for the instruction on your electronic machines with the manufacturer, like washing machine
  • Make note of precious items that need extra protection
  • Plan how to carry jewelry and legal documents by yourself
  • Make sure that you will have mail redirecting to your new address.
  • Cancel or re-direct newspaper and any other subscriptions
  • In case you are traveling, arrange tickets, passports, currency, visas, accommodation, credit card, and other things
  • Research for storage facilities, if required
  • Obtain your schools and dental records
  • Set-up or transfer your utilities in your new address
  • If you are moving house in the UK then book highly professional and skilled packer company

One Month Before Checklist For Your Moving Day

two month before house moving checklist

It’s never too early to implement these moving tips as packing will always take a longer time than what you expected.

  • Finalize and fix your moving day with your removal company to have a clear timeframe
  • Start packing yourself or organize a professional packing service to take care of your items
  • Apply for leave beforehand for the day your move
  • If you are living in a rented apartment then it’s time to give notice
  • Normal contents insurance won’t cover your items during the transition process. Get moving insurance from a moving house company
  • Change your address: notify the tax office, electoral commission, important contacts, and tax department about the address change
  • Arrange a packing material and carton from storage company and removalist (bubble wrap, labels, markers, tape)
  • Collect white butcher’s paper and not newspapers
  • Start labeling carton with its designated room
  • Place your lighter items in large cartons and heavier items in small cartons
  • Dismantle furniture and place required tools with them, This helps you assemble the furniture with ease
  • Prepare your survival kit with coffee, tea, and kettle, pet requirements, bathroom necessities, medications, scissors, and snacks in one bag
  • Consider taking personal and sentimental items with you in your car

House Moving Checklist For Two Weeks Remaining

House Moving Checklist For Two Weeks Remaining

So this is the stage where you should make this housing moving checklist your bible. Keep a track of things with the checklist to ensure a stress-free, safe move.

  • Contact your removalist to confirm your payment and removal requirements
  • Investigate moving requirements like access restriction, parking, traffic management, and protocol) imposed by authorities like body corporate, local council or building manager
  • Notify all the utility providers and arrange reconnection or disconnections
  • Organize Mail redirection
  • Redirect subscriptions or stop deliveries
  • Cancel domestic services like house cleaner or gardeners
  • Book in babysitter for your kids on a moving day
  • Ensure all important devices are backed up
  • If you have to travel a long distance then don’t forget to service your car
  • Arrange final readings of electricity meters and gas
  • Remove batteries

House Moving Checklist For One Week To Your Moving Day

House Moving Checklist For One Week To Your Moving Day

The one week should be dedicated to the final checks and tick off your list.

  • It’s important to give your new home a final inspection before 24 to 48 hours. This helps you ensure that your property is best before settlement
  • Collect the keys of your new home from the agent or visit your landlord to collect the keys yourself.
  • Confirm all the details with your removal company (both old and new addresses)
  • Insurance requirements
  • Inform your removal company about any changes or additions to your initial plans
  • Payment requirements and options
  • Keep towels and bedding in a separate box for your moving day
  • Double check the jars and lids to avoid any spills during the transit
  • Place plates vertically to keep them secure and prevent any breakage
  • Sprinkle water on flowed and pack them into plastic lined boxes
  • Drain oil and petrol from equipment and tools
  • Arrange access and parking for the removalist’s truck

Suggestion Reading: 6 Things Not To Do During An Emergency Move

House Moving Checklist For A Day Before Your Moving Day

House Moving Checklist For A Day Before Your Moving Day

This moving out checklist would rather be smaller than the other days. You should be doing the last minute odd jobs. By this time, you must be feeling relieved and stress-free, if you have been following the tips mentioned in the moving house checklist. Avoid packing nonessential and unwanted items.

Moving out the checklist for a day before shifting includes:

  • Your packers will arrive at your house today. So, it important to provide them with clear instructions
  • Prepare an “essential kit” that has basic requirements for the moving day (a first aid kit, bottles of water, phone chargers, prescribed medication, and other things)
  • Assemble a bag for every family member that has clothes for moving day and toiletries
  • In case of any modification, inform your revivalist
  • Defrost and clean your freezer and fridge
  • Fit your washing machine with shipping bolts
  • Charge your mobiles and keep them at a safer place. Write down important numbers in your diary for situations where your phone runs out of battery
  • Recheck with your utility company if the services have been scheduled to be disconnected or reconnected
  • Keep some cash in hand to cover the last moment expenses
  • Prepare an action for your very busy moving day

The House Moving Day Checklist

The House Moving Day Checklist

We have helped a number of people moved, and understand the stress and challenges of a moving day very well. So, whether you opt out for a removal company or do it yourself, we recommend you to follow our moving house checklist:

  • Give the movers the clear instruction and detailed tour of your home to ensure adequate access for the moving vehicle
  • Verify the destination address and give 2 contact numbers
  • Make sure that the priority boxes are easily accessible, mention this to the removalist so that they can load it last and take it off the first in the new house
  • Check if all the treasures have been loaded on the truck or van by ticking off from the inventory list
  • Carry important documents and jewelry with you
  • Place a note of your new address for any delivers and emails coming to your old house

Make Sure You Check On This List Before Leaving Your Home

CheckList Before Leaving Your Home


  • House keys have been returned to the real estate agent or solicitor
  • Everything important thing has a back-up
  • The house is locked and secure
  • All utilities have been turned off
  • The garage door opener is left behind
  • Check everything is satisfactory once the unloading process is over

House Moving New Home Checklist

House Moving New Home Checklist

  • Give the removalist ideas about where you want your belongings to be placed. We recommend you to give them a copy of your furniture plan
  • Check all your utilities are connected or not
  • Carefully check the condition of all the unpacked belonging before you sign the inventory
  • Complete a condition report in case you are renting and it is advised to take photos for your records
  • Examine if any items are left behind by the previous occupants. Make sure that the toxic and poisonous substances are cleared and the garden is safe for your children and pet
  • Leave fridge in a standing upright position for three hours before switching it on to allow coolant gas to settle
  • Assemble your beds first and then unpack the bathroom, kitchen, and other key areas

The Don’t Pack List

The Don’t Pack List While Moving

These items are recommended to be taken with you rather than putting them off in the truck

  • Important documents (marriage license, passport, birth certificates, social security number and records having bank account information)
  • Credit cards
  • Checkbook
  • Phone and charger
  • Medication
  • Laptop and charger
  • Jewelry
  • Flashlight
  • Tape measure
  • Trash bags
  • Toolbox
  • Paper towels
  • Cash
  • Any other valuable items

Must-have Packing and Supplies Checklist

Must have Packing and Supplies Checklist

  • Boxes of different sizes: Small, medium. Large, extra-large, divided boxes and plastic bins
  • Tape: Shipping tape, masking tape for labeling, duct tape or strapping tape, tape dispensers, and painter’s tape for immediate projects
  • Scissors
  • Stickers Labels
  • Box cutters
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • Colored markers or stickers for room color coding
  • Twine, Rope, bungee cord and tie-downs to keep furniture and boxes in place
  • Packing material: Packing paper, bubble wrap, bubble wrap
  • Blanket to protect the mirror, furniture, and your TV
  • A Hand truck or dolly
  • Felt pad to protect the floor
  • Basic cleaning supplies

How to Pack Checklist for Moving

How to Pack Checklist for Moving

  • Pack bowls and plates together in boxes. For fine china, use bubble or paper wrap
  • Wrap each piece of glass separately before putting into boxes
  • Silverware should be packed in the packaging they came in. If that is not available then pack them in sets and cover with plastic or paper
  • Wrap cords around your small appliances and secure it with duct tape and cover them with paper. Pack in cushion and boxes with towels or paper · Electronics are advised to be put in the original packaging. If you don’t have them then wrap them in towels and blankets, and place them in boxes. Use padding to fill in open spaces
  • Wrap your mirrors and artwork in blankest
  • Break down the beds and labeled boxes and bags. Place bed hardware attached to the headboard in plastic storage with a duct tape
  • Buy wardrobe carton to store hanging clothes and unpack them with ease
  • Place jewelry in a container which you will take with yourself
  • Make a box that has your makeup, bathroom towels, and toiletries
  • Disconnect washer hoses and store inside the machine, and tape the cord with its appliance
  • Repeat the same thing with dryer vent as well
  • Discard bleach, detergents and fabric softeners as they can be dangerous to transport
  • Drain oil and gas from the mower and other lawn equipment
  • Wrap saws, hoes, axes in old towels and pack them in your toolbox
  • Dispose of weed killer, fertilizers and paint

Moving House Checklist Who to Notify About the Address Change

Moving House Checklist Who to Notify About the Address Change

There are certain places where you can’t miss to not inform about your new address. Our moving house checklist of the address will help you covers these major places to avoid any kind of problems in the future.

  • Inform your employer to update your contact details for payroll and other purposes
  • National Insurance, DVLA, and HMRC
  • Council tax
  • Department of work and pensions (in case you are getting money from them)
  • Electoral Roll
  • Local Gym and Club Membership
  • Cable or Satellite Service Provider
  • TV License
  • Driving License
  • Car insurance
  • V5C Vehicle Log Book
  • School or university
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance policies
  • Credit/Debit card companies
  • Electricity/ Gas/ Water suppliers
  • Royal Mail

Moving into a Rented House Checklist

Moving into a Rented House Checklist

There are certain things that you need to organize when you are moving into a rental property. To help you begin with the things and sort them out everything with the landlord, we have prepared this house moving checklist.

  • It is recommended to place your deposit in government-backed tenancy deposit scheme after 30 days when the landlord has received it. They should send you a certificate proof for the same. So even if you reach a dispute while moving, your deposit will be in the scheme till the time you reach the agreement
  • Reach out to your current landlord and inform them about your moving date
  • Complete any move-out damage checklist
  • Contact your new landlord and pick-up the keys
  • Schedule professional movers and notify them about your time and new address
  • End or update your current renter’s insurance
  • Purchase new insurance plan
  • Research your new neighborhood to find out the nearest grocery store, coffee shop, convenient way, gym and club
  • Make an inventory items list, such as electrical goods and furnishing and their condition when you moved in.
  • Ask for the latest gas safety certificate for the new property
  • For safety issues, you can ask for the installation of a carbon monoxide alarm
  • Check if the flammable items have a fire safety label to meet fire safety regulations
  • Ask your landlord for the TV license if you record programs. If you have one from the previous rental property then change it to your new address or apply for a new one
  • Let your local council know about your move so they can work on the Council Tax amount you need to pay to
  • Register your new address to the electoral roll. This also crucial your new credit card as credit card reference agencies take address detail from the electoral roll
  • Take the gas and electricity meter readings, so you are only charged for what you use

Finally, you are all ready to move and the countdown to the moving house checklist has begun. The big day has come. You should start implementing these tips and tricks step by step months before you move. It’s time to celebrate! If you have a yard, invite your neighbors to a small party with your friends and family. This is a good way to make new friends. That concludes our checklist.

Our moving house checklist is printable to keep it handy and help you meticulously plan out your moving day in advance.

Contact us, if you are looking for a trusted removals company that offers moving services including house removals, office relocation, furniture removals, man with a van, packing and moving, pool table movers, and piano movers.

Why do you need to hire a reliable removals services company in London?

Over the years, a continuous increase in property prices has been fostering the cost of moving locally or long distance to a town or borough in New London and the UK. So, no wonder you might be thinking for using Do It Yourself (DIY) to save the high cost of moving your households instead of hiring professional removals services in Camden. But before considering do it yourself option, one important question you should ask to yourself- What is the worth having peace of mind to you? If you want to enjoy your local or long distance relocation peacefully without any trouble then using professional and trustworthy movers services in Hackney can make all difference.

Here, at CBD Movers Haringey, we’re highlighting five good reasons to hire professional and reliable movers in Islington.

  1. Professional Support
house removals

A professional movers service company can make a huge difference during your residential or business relocation. Besides offering you practical advice to ease up your residential or business relocation a professional removal company also offers physical support of packing and unpacking, lifting, carrying, loading, moving, and resettlement services after arrival into a new house. At CBD Movers our specialized home Removals Services Camden are fully insured, secure, and safe!

  1. Save your time.
Office Removals

Moving a house or office is a time consuming and tricky process. Without any professional knowledge, you need to perform the weeks of packing job in advance, besides handling various time-consuming processes on a moving day like loading of the van, moving to a new location, and unloading of valuables at a new house or office. However, it will definitely help you cut short your moving time by hiring the professional removalists company while you are relocating across the towns and boroughs in New London and the UK.

  1. Relocate Peacefully

Furniture Removals

Many professional and reliable moving companies in London and the UK help their customers to lighten up their load during a local or long distance move. At CBD Movers our team of talented movers Haringey can help you take the stress out of any size or type of your residential move especially when you are relocating with young children.

  1. Eliminate the risks
Packing and Moving

It is a hard truth that any residential, business, commercial, and industrial move involves lots of risks i.e. damage, loss and theft of valuable items, equipment, and machinery. Here a professional Removals Services company in Islington can help you eliminate the risks to provide insurance cover to all your valuables during a move for an additional fee. Before finalizing a trustworthy movers company it is important for you to ask about the offered insurance policies and make sure you know all needful procedures in case you ever make a claim.

  1. Cut short your moving costs

Piano Movers

Hiring reliable movers and storage companies in Islington can help you kill 2 birds with 1 stone. They can move all your office archives or extra households into a storage facility and help you save an additional rent for using extra floor space.

So, you can definitely make the difference in hiring professional removals services Haringey to help you just relax and enjoy your move peacefully.

Whenever you are ready to get started just give us a call and we’ll offer you a perfect moving plan.

6 Things Not To Do During An Emergency Move

Incident beyond your control may call for swift action and quick decision, an emergency move is a fine instance for such scenario, active mind, and quick response can make all the differences between success and failure.

Having knowledge of things to do before and after an emergency move is prerequisite to having a successful emergency move but what are the things you shouldn’t do…?

In this video, we will show 6 Things Not To Do During An Emergency Move.

Don’t like watching video? Continue reading our blog.

  • Avoid Panic

avoid panic

Panic can sneak off on everyone when we panic we take the risk of making wrong the decision but the calmer you are, the greater your chance of having successful emergency move, be patient and accept the inevitable change in your life and prepare for the impudent task ahead.

The feature belongs to those who turn every obstacle into opportunities, don’t waste your time thinking about the scenarios that lead to your emergency move or uncertainties that lie ahead instead just think big and prepare immediately.

  • Avoid Procrastination

avoid procrastination

Do not wait until the last minute, Professional plan is the key behind every achievement, as time will be running faster than your shadow, for maximum efficiency there is need to organize every minute of every hour.

Arrange your moving things in order of priority, set a deadline for your important things and ensure that you stick to the plan and check your progress as often as possible to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

If any case you are unable to handle the move alone, hire London removals company to help you relocate with the convenience

  • Avoid the I will do it alone attitude

avoid i will do it alone attitude

It is almost impossible to make an emergency move alone, this is where hiring professional house removals agency  to come into play, choose a best moving day, research for professionals companies, for inevitable speed, efficiency and safety it is advisable to look for an experience emergency movers who will be available for the time period of your move and complete the task at your desired time.

Usually, people take risk of moving heavy furniture themselves but piano removal require special expertise as this is expensive furniture so don’t just hire any available movers nearest you, no matter how little time you have at your disposal, just don’t hesitate on checking the complaint section and review of the furniture removal companies you are hiring.

People often make the mistake of hiring the nearest agency within their vicinity and fallout to be the victim of scam, incompetent and unlicensed movers.

  • Do not avoid the Paper Work

papers work

People get carried away by daily routines and forget the social key prior to their emergency move, notifying your landlord if relevant of your imminent relocation as soon as possible, taking care of all the necessary paperwork, contacting children school, your family physicians relatives and having all your necessary school and medical record, Putting your financial document in order and arranging shipment for you and your motor vehicles will prevent all the feature problems and save a lot of time

  • Avoid Rough Driving

avoid rough driving

It will be terrible to have all your fragile items broken when you reach your new destination due to negligence, if you are the type person that prepares to drive yourself to your new destination then you must avoid reckless driving and unnecessary drinking during the last hours of your emergency move to avoid unnecessary damage and accident.

  • Avoid no Plan Details

avoid no plan details

Do not make the mistake of having things go out of your way, you are the chief custodian of your home, the chief instructor of your family.

Schedule your move, make early reservations, and ensure that all the materials need are reserved as early as possible from the parking lot, elevators, emergency moving truck to emergency moving assistance, take all the necessary precautions to avoid accident, hire professional cleaners to make sure that both your new and old home are perfectly clean.

Find someone either your relatives or neighbours to take care of your children, arrange all your belongings according to priority, make a list of what to take and what not to take to your new home, take your time and label everything, use your common sense, sort things according to category, don’t stack object on top of something more fragile rather put all fragile objects in a place where they are less likely to break.

Pack your object carefully, pack boxes in tightly, check for fragile items once you reach your new destination or make sure you get rid of boxes labelled fragile on arrival.

Using this approach you will save quite a lot of time.

Demanding as it may seem emergency move is something you can easily be restrained just take your time and take advantage of our effectual tips on moving on short notice.

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